Ridge Racer 7 : Trailer

Namco's E3 trailer for their PS3 Ridge Racer offering.Plenty of thrills, plenty of skills, but just remember that, speeding kills!!

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bernie5817d ago (Edited 5817d ago )

Ridge Racer '7', isn't this getting a bit old now, does it have an option to not bother going by car and using you OAP bus pass instead?

OutLaw5817d ago

Well they could call it Rage Racer 2 so it doesn't seem that old. LOL

Moostache5817d ago

I will resist the urge to mock.

My problem with just about ANY game that has a sequel number higher than 4 is this - they generally lose innovation and start reheatign the same crap in any franchise by the third game. (Personal belief only, I know many will disagree.)

For me, I would ratehr see more new titles than a boatload of high numbered sequels.

Tekken 6?
Ridge Racer 7?
Final Fantasy 13?


I would rather see Sony and Microsoft (and all publishers for that matter) put out more games like Gears of War or Mass Effect or Resistance and fewer high digit sequels. Of course, that is not gonna happen.

AuburnTiger5817d ago

Well if it's not going to happen, then why [email protected] about it?

Lucidmantra5817d ago (Edited 5817d ago )

Why do you name yourself after a game that is 10 years old like it was the last great game created... Remember for every finger you point at someone else with there are 3 more pointing back at your stupid azz. I agree with him. The game industry is getting safe whgere it would rather buy 13 zillion copies of FF MCMXVII than to embrace the unique and good games like: Ico, psychonauts (i have heard), Indigo Prophecy....

FamoAmo5817d ago

Forza2 kills this!! After seeing Forza2 I can't believe they would release this!

Marriot VP5817d ago

come on don't leave me hanging, say it!!!!

Lucidmantra5817d ago

It's ridge Racer...

With next-gen wheels turning when you move the joystick, and real-time gear shifting.

Marriot VP5816d ago

YAH, (high five VIA internet)

no_more_heroes5812d ago

The controls for this game piss me off!!! Worst controls for any racing game I have ever played!!!