Best Buy special offer reveals more Pearl Jam tracks headed to Rock Band

Destructoid writes:

"If Pearl Jam's classic album Ten coming to Rock Band this March isn't enough for you, it looks like there's even more on the way.

Best Buy is running a special promotion for those who pre-order deluxe or "super deluxe" version of the forthcoming re-issue of Ten -- a token redeemable to download three bonus tracks for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The songs:

* "Brother"
* "Alive" from the "Drop in the Park Concert"
* "State of Love and Trust" from the "Drop in the Park Concert"

No word on whether the songs will be made available for purchase in the Rock Band store, but we'd put all of our money on "yes." Pearl Jam's remastered version of Ten hits stores on March 24; it comes to Rock Band as downloadable content on that same day."

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