Top 10 Videogame Resolutions

1up writes:

" 10. Unlocking crap
Unlocking crap

I will no longer play through a game nine times on Ultraviolence mode with the declawed kitten character so I can unlock the infinite-ammo laser chain gun. All I've proven to anyone is that I clearly don't need the thing.

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UnSelf3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Agree wit most except 6.

Pistols rule to me

(a list of great pistols: DD44 (GoldenEye); Falcon, Magsec 9, Mauler ((favorite pistol of allllllllllll time)Perfect Dark); PISTOL (Halo); Magnum (Halo 2); Golden Gun (goldeneye); Ebony and Ivory (best pistols of all time in any game) (DMC series)); Gun that takes number 4 shells from that show where the main character name was Gene Starwin (forgot the name of the show, but does anybody remember that pistol he had that takes the life of the person that uses it? effin amazing)