X-Play: Rygar: The Battle of Argus Review

X-Play writes: "It should be painfully clear by now that Rygar: The Battle of Argus is nothing short of a total disaster. Fans of the PS2 version might, might get a kick out of seeing the game with a few better textures and having the chance to diskarmor a couple new (yet forgettable) enemies, but even that is being generous. Actually, those fans are the ones who will be most upset with what's on display here, because after seven years of waiting for a "next-gen" version of the series, they have been handed this uninspired mess. For everyone else, just stay away. There is nothing here worth your time, especially with all of the truly fantastic games out there that are far more deserving of your attention and money".

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Mahr3542d ago

Wait, Rygar's out?


I love when awful games get reviewed.

TruthbeTold3542d ago

No wonder they kept alot of details about this game quiet for so long. I was actually hoping that they'd redone the game. But I guess it's just a PS2 port with continuous waggle controls, just like I had feared... On one hand I feel bad for Tecmo that the review is so harsh, they can't afford too many failures right now. But overall I feel that that's what needs to be said about these kinds of efforts. Because there really isn't much effort to them at all. I hope not too many people waste their hard earned money on this crap.