Frictionless Insight: Killzone 2 Review

The Interplanetary Strategic Alliance recently repelled an invasion by the Helghast. The Helghan had suddenly emerged from their dismal industrial planet to take control of the galaxy with the help of their industrial power and military might. After a series of battles that pushed the Helghast back to their home planet of Helghan, the ISA is launching an invasion of Helghan to capture emperor Visari and dismantle his military.

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GWAVE3542d ago

What's that so far? A dozen perfect scores plus another two dozen 90+ scores?

Hmmm? What's that I hear? That's the sound of a game meeting and surpassing the hype.

UnSelf3542d ago

i also hear the sound of this not being the 1st nor last ps3 exclusive to do so.

Ah sweet music to me ears

PoSTedUP3542d ago

killzone2 will be bad because its a ps3 exclusive.

BlindMonkey3542d ago

back to a 94 on metacritic

LeonSKennedy4Life3542d ago

After last week's GOOD Office episode...I was severely disappointed by the one after the Superbowl. It just made me angry.

plain rice3542d ago

Enough with the metacritic talk already.

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DutyCalls3542d ago

"Dont trust the reviews"

lmao poor ba$tards

wow another perfect, is this game perfect? lol

UnSelf3542d ago

it just might be

(frowns and nods matter-of-factly)

drdistracto7073542d ago

wait, let me get this straight...

you want us to listen to one (proven biased on several occasions) website and just ignore the 40 some other reviews with perfect/near perfect scores?


chidori6663542d ago


in metacritics is now 94. great news for kz2....

thebudgetgamer3542d ago

they are my most trusted review source


RyuStrife3542d ago

Uh, the article score is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

ALIEN3542d ago

hey guys! we need to wait for gamespot review, "they're never wrong right??

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The story is too old to be commented.