Sales of Graphics Cards, Chipsets Collapse, Nvidia Announces Unprecedented Declines in Sales

Anton Shilov Writes- Nvidia Corp., the world's top supplier of discrete graphics processing units (GPUs), on Tuesday revised its revenue guidance for its fourth quarter of fiscal 2009 ending January 25, 2009. According to the company, its revenue will collapse by as much as 50% because of the global economic crisis and lowering demand for graphics cards, professional products and chipsets

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FantasyStar3544d ago

Of course! When you rehash chipsets and just bulk up/re-brand on older technology. People are going to take notice. It goes like this.

GeForce 8 Series (only true successor from the 7 Series)
Geforce 9 Series (More like Geforce 8.2 Series)
Geforce 200 series (More like Geforce 8.5 Series)

Word of advice for everyone: don't buy a new GFX-Card until DX11 drops and the DX11 cards start coming out.