Killzone 3 will continue from Killzone 2's ending

With Killzone 2 having been five years in the making, and finally being released late February 2009, you'd think Guerrilla Games would have enough for now. But the Sony Computer Entertainment-owned Dutch studio have left a very loud and clear message the FPS series will continue towards Killzone 3. How? With an open ending to Killzone 2 of course.


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UnSelf3541d ago

slowly becoming my favorite dev studio.

I wish more devs would display that "gamer at heart" attitude more often

GWAVE3541d ago

Yeah. They beat the anti-hype being generated across the board by the media. They beat the disbelief that they could meet the 2005 target render. They beat their reputation for being an average developer who only makes average games. They beat the haters who claimed the game would be all graphics and no gameplay. They beat the naysayers who said 32 player online multiplayer would either be laggy, crappy-looking, or both.

Gotta love the underdog taking everyone to town.

Blaze9293541d ago

1. This is old and submitted already.
2. And durrr, of course a Killzone 3 would come.

MAR-TYR-DOM3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Kojima is the best, i will play anything made or directed by him. Insomniac are a close second.

Grab a tissue people - :(

I cry everytime i see that. Spread.... in memory of snake.

Sarcasm3541d ago

Killzone 2 "Five years" in the making?

Killzone Liberation came out October 31, 2006

and the infamous E3 2005 trailer was in, well 2005.

So it's more like 3-4 years in the making, especially considering it's an engine built from scratch.

QuackPot3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

GG has has improved in leaps and bounds at using the hardware at their disposal but...

what would KZ on the Ps2 been like had Santa Monica Studios, Naughty Dog, Epic or Criterion made it? AAA+

What would KZ2 on the Ps3 be like had Santa Monica Studios, Naughty Dog, Epic, Criterion or....Infinity Ward had made it? AAA+

GG did a great job and well done but they aren't quite at the same status of these awesome studios. But damn close.

PS. These studios would beyond doubt have developed the game faster and alot cheaper.

Sarcasm3541d ago

"PS. These studios would beyond doubt have developed the game faster and alot cheaper. "

You do realize that Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, Insomniac and other Sony studios helped Guerilla Games in the development of Killzone 2 right?

It's one of the strongest weapons in Sony's arsenal. A series of developers all working together to unlock the potential of the system they made.

cryymoar3541d ago

you do relize that faster and cheaper has a correlation with broken, right? eg. xbox 360.

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Helghast Slayer3541d ago

Um how about a big fat SPOILER ALERT!!!

UnSelf3541d ago

i didnt click the link so idk. if u did im sry, ill help pay for one of those MIB eraser memeory thingamjigs for u

jaybdemented3541d ago

the nice part is that the engine in done. the next one should come out in under 2 years, if not sooner

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The story is too old to be commented.