So…RE5, What's Up With The No Run-And-Gun?

GCO writes:"Yesterday, reports started storming in that Resident Evil 5 wasn't going to have Run-and-Gun feature, but why didn't they add that into the game? So here's the question Resident Evil 5, were is the Run-and-Gun?

Pending that if you aren't one of the nearly 2 million people that had a chance to play the Resident Evil 5 demo, you'll probably didn't know that the demo didn't have a Run-and-Gun feature, which could of been a useful tool in the demo."

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Gerry Mark II3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

No run and gun = no buy from me.

This is 2009, not 1999.

Capcom can have my money from Street Fighter 4 instead.

Lifendz3544d ago

but it's not just because you can't "run and gun." That's a small thing. The big thing to me is that you can't run and gun AND the melee attack is practically useless. And ammo is uber limited. So you're basically this bad ass soldier that can't move and shoot and can't engage in hand to hand combat effectively. You're effectively a mobile turret of sorts. Boooo.

P.S....there was a point in DeadSpace where I had no ammo. I was surrounded. My roommate was with me and he said "just use the melee button to kill [the monsters]." I tried and got ripped in half. He stated how clumsy my guy was with the melee but I said that's cool, I'm an engineer. It's okay that I'm not proficient at killing.

Not so for RE5. It's a shame cuz Capcom really made a pretty game. Case in point as to why graphics aren't everything.

TruthBTold3544d ago

Yeah, having sooo many games coming out this year I am skipping RE5. I am getting SF4 though. HHG was right when he gave his opinion on the controls, after I saw that I started to loose interest and apparently others that have played it also feel the controllers really downplay the game. Too bad since this really affects the entire game but if they manage to fix this before release then it can be what many gamers were hoping.

Venomish3544d ago

"No run and gun = no buy from me."
I thought so too in the beginning, however after playing the demo again and again i realized that it is not a big deal. you should look at the game for what it is. the no run and gun play makes it more intense in a way, the zombies are slow and stupid, if you run and gun them the game would be too easy. try to play the demo couple more times on online coop and try to think positively about the purpose of the no gun and run play.

BigMassacre3544d ago

But isn't Street Fighter 4...Street Fighter II with pretty graphics? Think about that.

TheExecutive3544d ago

too many zombies for the control scheme anymore
it takes 3 shots to the face to kill a zombie
you have 35 rounds of ammo for 50 zombies
the melee is COMPLETELY useless due to the fact that the zombies have fricking wrenches and you have a knife and cant move at all. Then best of all when you get done fumbling with the controls and set up a shot you get attacked from behind and have to do a quicktime event.

The best evidence in-game that there are too many enemies and the control scheme IS broken is the enemy AI. Its retarded. They bump into each other and you get attacked one at a time. Why? because in resident evil you can only engage ONE enemy at a time.

So my question to Capcom is why throw 15 enemies at you at once? What is the point? The control scheme would work for a handful of enemies but not this many enemies.

pixelsword3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

he said this on his show sunday, and before on the Warzone, and before the warzone when he called Tor Davis; excellent job, hiphop.

I tried it myself, and it was a bad experience; plus hhg was correct on saying it was stupid for the people running at you just to slow down. Capcom wanted to simulate speed, but have to resort to the slow, creeping gameplay that was in the previous RE. It worked for the last one, but this has a different feel that doesn't justify the last game's control scheme.

RE5 is a no-buy... the first RE I will rent since Resident Evil: Outbreak.

ThanatosDMC3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I agree. The melee in RE5 is incredibly weak, and it also subjects you to taking unnecessary hits. In Dead Space, your character actually steps forwards and as strongly as he can tries to beat the $hit out of the freak monsters. Unlike in RE5 in which you wait for the enemy to get a good stab at you before you can retaliate or be in range of the melee attack while you stand there like a dumbass.

They should have changed the melee.

Also, the inventory. How in the world are we gonna carry all the ammo and health and extra guns and grenades in the game??? 9 slots per character?! But i held more crap in RE4 than these two characters combined! Both of them will use ammo and health faster too.

lord_of_balrogs3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

For a game that revolves around the accuaracy of your shots and uses LASER SIGHTS it's sort of hard to aim with them when it's run and gun like Gears of War.

There's a learning curve to controls, I know I disliked the controls at first but after a while it felt natural.

Hahahahahaha, you can't handle 50 zombies without a run and gun feature and you complain about lack of ammo. Buddy, ammo drops from dead zombie bodies and are hidden in destroyable crates and barrels. You suck, seriously. Why don't you try using a weapon such as the shotgun when enemies surround you. It knocks back several enemies at a time. And the fact that you let enemies surround instead of moving to a more defensible position shows that you are a noob.

Doppy3543d ago

It sucks that's its not in there, but it doesn't break the game it's still fun and enjoyable if you take the time out to get the feel of the game.

Spydiggity3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

you all sound like broken records. you are just basically copy and pasting other ppl's comments for the last few weeks.

on behalf of the RE fans. NO, THERE ISN'T A RUN AND GUN FEATURE. YES, WE LIKE IT THAT WAY. this isn't an intense game because of it's heavy action. it's intense because of it's pacing, because of it's atmosphere. These aren't super heroes. THEY ARE COPS. and what do cops do when they need to shoot? what do normal ppl do when they need to shoot? They pause for a moment, take aim, and fire.

you are trying to conserve ammo for those inevitable moments when things get nuts. You take your time (and by that i mean you get faster at the style, you don't spray n pray), take aim, and fire. then move to the next guy. It seems very tense and very realistic to me. and this is what we KNEW was coming. we knew for the last 3 years that RE 5 was going to be like RE 4 with better graphics and a new story. This is not news. and i'm sick to death of hearing ppl say "this belongs in 1999." "this is last gen." how on earth is it last gen??? FPS games have made few strides since the early 90s. you still have guns, you still run, and you still shoot. some now have vehicles for certain moments. so stop saying cliche garbage like this belongs in last generation. this is resident evil's style. it always has been. if it wasn't this style, it wouldn't be RE. so STFU. if you don't like RE fine, but don't act like you're disappointed. for those of us that actually like RE, this will probably be a great experience. for those of you on the anti-hype bandwagon, go away. we don't need your lame blogs commenting on other lame blogs, and we don't need your nonsensical comments. You aren't making any valid points and you actually are making almost no sense at all. If you want a third person, heavy action, non survival horror game, play gears of war or MGS, don't play RE. If you want heavy atmosphere, slow and steady pace with occasional oh SH!T moments, get RE. but stfu about the controls.

RememberThe3573543d ago

But all these comments make you guys seem really simple. RE is not Gears of War. Stop asking it to be. RE is RE.

I've said it before, you have to get used to the controls. When I first picked up RE4 I hated it. However, it was the only new game I had at the time so I just kept pushing through. It took me forever to get through the first village, but after a few hours of playing I got used to the controls and the game got really fun. They're perfect for RE, they make you rethink how your going to approach a situation.

It just seems like you guys are writing it off not really knowing what you missing. But I can completely understand why you would want to put the time in it takes to get used to the controls. Oh well, you guys got Dead Space, right?

Lich1203543d ago

Let me start by saying pretty much all I play are shooters (Gears, KZ2 when it launches, crysis you name it). The point is, there's a reason its survival horror and not a action game. There are plenty of action games with zombies. RE5 is not one of them and I think they are dead on in their implementation. After all, if it was run and gun it would feel like L4D ie. not truly horror.

Maybe it's not your type of game, and that's understandable. But complaining that the devs did something wrong is way off. If they had made it run and gun a lot of fans (myself included) would have been very disappointed.

BattleAxe3543d ago

I want to buy this game, but the controls have such a negative impact on your mobility. If they change the controls I'll buy it.

monkey6023543d ago

I'm perfectly happy with the controls to Resi 5. I like the aiming in one spot then trying to quickly manouver. The only 1 change I'd like is a little mobility with the Knife, Not the guns

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swiftshot933544d ago

it seems people just cant accept the FACT that this will be a great game.

Chris3993544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

And buy franchise after franchise because of the name, or the fact that it's been hyped to holy Hell.

Perception is reality.

If I wanted "retro", I'd crack out the PS1 iterations. RE:2 was pure gold. You know, 10 years ago. Things change.

Reviewers and people are gonna eat this game up like dogs to dog food (RE: 5) anyhow, regardless of my opinion.

Sales =/= quality.

Or Titanic would be the greatest movie ever made.

swiftshot933544d ago

all resident evils have been good. thats why i bought them. Resident Evil 5 by your means has outdated controls, and RE4 as my evidence, the game is in no way unplayable and the controls are fine when you get used to them.

Venomish3544d ago


I totally agree with the points you made. the game as THE resident evil 5 is a disappointment. however if you look at it as "just a game" it is actually quite fun. I'm getting it for the online coop, playing thru the game with a real partner, where both of us are suffering from the controls is priceless.
however i would give it no more than a 9 at the best. the game feels like an 8.5

BattleAxe3543d ago

I agree with you 100%. I was a huge Socom fan, but Slant Six messed around with it too much and came out with a sub-standard game. But there are so many people who still say its the best game around just because it has a Socom logo on it.I could probably say the same thing about Resistance 2.......

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NegativeCreepWA3544d ago

Since when did RE turn into a run n gun series? It would take a lot of the tension in the game away if this feature was added, making it to easy. It would be nice to walk slowly while aiming, but I'm fine with the game the way it is.

Max Power3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

if run and gun made it easy, why not have all the 'zombies' actually attack you when they get close instead of, say, one or two at a time? If they did that and made it so that at least you would be able to walk and gun it would be great.

Asurastrike3544d ago

Deadspace ruins your argument Scar.

LastDance3544d ago

lol.....deadspace isnt even that good. It's repetitive and not scary. Startling maybe...but not scarey. It's barely original.

everyone complains that RE isnt what it use to know...survival they complain because you cant RUN AND GUN.

Too much cheeto's gets to the brains i think.

TheExecutive3544d ago

since when did it turn into a run and gun series? Since they took out all elements of the "horror" and added 50 f*cking zombies. Is it really that hard to understand?

For the amount of enemies on-screen there needs to be different controls. PERIOD. It seriously reminds me of the LAIR targeting system. Ugh.

ThanatosDMC3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

It stopped becoming a "horror" game when RE4 came to be. RE4 was completely an action game. A great action game for its time.

Dead Space's freak monsters (Necromorphs), you've just got to play it. They dont stop all the sudden when they get a feet close to you. They immediately attack you or actually launch themselves from a far to try to rip your head off your torso.

Max Power3543d ago

that really makes no sense, so they added more 'zombies' lets change the controls? Those '50 zombies' attack nearly one at a time, so why not have more attacking you while you walk backwards shooting them?

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shawnsl653544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

base on the demo, i don't think there's a need for run and gun. The zombies or whatever they are.. are pretty stupid. During the chainsaw boss fight, I just ran in circles, stop n shoot til all the minions are dead. They didn't even bother going the other way to cut me off. They just chased me in circles.

TheExecutive3544d ago

Do you know what the enemies are so stupid? Because the controls wouldnt work otherwise. They HAD to dumb down the AI because the controls are completely limiting.

Lich1203543d ago

I thinking the dumb AI happened roughly around the same time the primary enemies became zombies.

shawnsl653543d ago

haha lich, well the only smart zombies so far are those weapon using zombies, but the chasers are just pure stupid (good thing).

-EvoAnubis-3544d ago

Gun and run just ain't Resident Evil. Don't like it, don't buy it. Period point blank.

Asurastrike3544d ago

Why don't they just go back to RE1 controls if you're content with replaying the same games over and over?

dantesparda3544d ago

And i loved RE4 and all the RE's before that but these play controls are just not cutting it anymore, sorry.

LeonSKennedy4Life3544d ago

Even better...why don't they just make it an action God of War or Devil May Cry?

Do you see how that sounds?

Seriously...lay off those of us with actual gaming skills. Run 'n gun is fun...but requires no skills whatsoever.

-EvoAnubis-3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

WTF are you talking about? Those ARE the RE1 controls. The only thing that changed was the camera angle.

You new to this whole "gaming" thing?

"And i loved RE4 and all the RE's before that but these play controls are just not cutting it anymore, sorry."

Do I seem sorry? I couldn't care less if you buy it or not. My thing is if you already decided not to buy it, then there's really no sense in complaining about controls that you never will have to deal with since you won't be playing it, so your opinion is useless.

TheExecutive3543d ago

The dumbest thing I have read tonight.

LeonSKennedy4Life3543d ago

Why is that dumb?

Have you ever played a hard run 'n gun?

Dead Space - Easy
Gears of War - Easy

Lich1203543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Run and Gun is easy until you're playing against actual people. Then its a whole different story.

Edit: For those who are used to the controls of course. Theres nothing more painful than watching someone new to gaming try and handle two joysticks for looking and moving, let alone if theres a cover system involved.

BattleAxe3543d ago

Its not that people want "run and gun", its that people want some half decent mobility.

dantesparda3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

They may have been excusable before, but not anymore and Leon, you are saying some pretty stupid sh!t! I've beaten every single RE game there is. And Im telling you i just dont like these controls no more..., period! And Evo, simmer down there buddy, its ok, the game will be ok if I dont buy it. I wanted to buy it, i thought the game looked incredible when they first showed it. But i just cant stand the sucky @ss controls anymore. Sorry.

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