SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Limited Edition Vinyl Soundtrack Up for auction.

This is a truly unique and collectable item with only 3,500 available worldwide. Each record is individually numbered and the one up for grabs on Ebay is the first copy made of the collection!

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Immortal Kaim3547d ago

What a great collectors item to have, plus the money goes to a good cause. Big props to SEGA, you have my respect.

XboxOZ3603547d ago

I'm a collector, but I'm expecting this to go for a mint . . as it's #1, first off the presses. So most major collectors will be certainly after it.

gaminoz3547d ago

Ahhh Sega megadrive. I remember when fanboys were younger and immature and fought about the Nintendo being better than Sega or the other way around. Now we have older immature fanboys fighting over Sony and MS.

The more things change....

WOw...a limited edition that is really limited!

Godem3547d ago

$71 for 6 songs... i don't think so! even if it is numbered.

If it was for like 100+ songs it could be worth it.. but no way!

Superfragilistic3547d ago

Yeah I know! lol

And I'd be liable to just scratch it up on the turntables!

darkmurder3547d ago

Ahhh Sega, what a company they used to be...

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