Stop Complaning About Resident Evil's Control System

Talkplaystation: "Even though the game is hard and some people might not like the control system but something tells me that all the people that are hating Resident Evil 5 never played Resident Evil 4 or were never fans of it in the first place. The game is classed as a survival horror so what kind of survival horror would it be without a bit of a challenge.

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GWAVE3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )


"Waaaaaa! Stop making fun of my favorite franchise. The controls are 'classic', didn't you know?"

The author says, "what kind of survival horror would it be without a bit of a challenge?" I'll tell you: it would be called 'Dead Space'.

The author says "something tells me that all the people that are hating Resident Evil 5 never played Resident Evil 4 or were never fans of it in the first place."

Not only is this insulting to me -- a long-time RE fan -- but it's a cop-out. It's like saying "Oh, you don't like Halo because you're a fanboy and you never played it" (you can replace Halo with any big-name franchise). Believe it or not, there are people who GENUINELY disliked the controls.

Get over it. The controls and camera suck. It doesn't fit the game. It isn't next-gen.

Even aside from the controls, the animations are ripped directly from RE4. I counted the number of new animations on one hand while I was playing the demo.

Last-gen controls. Last-gen hit detection. Last-gen animations. Last-gen gameplay mechanics. Sorry, but it's true. Don't get mad when people aren't die-hard fanboys of your favorite franchise.

Lifendz3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

[email protected] Classic doesn't mean you can't adapt with the times.

Street Fighter 3, the most beloved of all SFs imo, changed the throw controls. I loved it. Most loved it. It changed the counter system. It was amazing. Why are you guys all of a sudden opponents to change when Capcom has shown they can do it well. Hell, Capcom are the innovators of SUrvial Horror imo. Resident Evil was a big reason why I got a PS1.

If classic controls means that much they could've had two options: one granting classic controls and one with controls for the rest of us.

They could've even given a silver or gold trophy for beating the game using the classic controls. Whatever. But to not have anything but these cumbersome controls is a real shame.

drewdrakes3638d ago

Actually I like these controls...on the Wii. I like Resident Evil 4 for it.

pain777pas3638d ago

I'm not impressed with the demo and I hate the controls downloaded on PSN last night and was like it looks good but not really that impressed it should play better I don't know I could be crazy but I didn't enjoy the game.

StayHigh3638d ago

same like 360 using last gen tech as well, like dvd format, and a i right?? Resident Evil 5 is perfect people complaining about something that isnt a problem and i bet you that you guys going to be buyin it anyways..

incogneato3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

i am a huge RE fan and RE4 was great but the controls in RE5 are pathetic, it ruins the entire experience. there is much more you can do to make the game more challenging than giving us crap controls. not only that but RE5 doesnt really feel like a step up from RE4. pretty much everything minus the HD resolution could have been done last gen.

biggest disappointment this gen

princejb1343638d ago

the demo was good
day 1 purchase for me
this is why i don't like demos been released it can ruin sales for the develepors, or can make it better

MiloGarret3638d ago

Also, there's a slight difference in making a game hard and simply giving you bad controls... It's not a challenge because of smart AI or whatver, it's hard because the controls are a massive FAIL.

Still getting it though, lol...

pixelsword3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

...people said he was stupid.

But now This bozo says "so what kind of survival horror would it be without a bit of a challenge."

and I'm supposed to accept it?

It's the same premise, but in different realms.

Get outta here.

ThanatosDMC3638d ago

From the comment section of the article from the source website so people dont have to click on it. This guy destroyed his BS article.

Comment by Nononononono on February 4, 2009 @ 1:09 am

I don’t want to be pissing on your parade but im going to disect your post and give you examples of why people are complaining about stuff which no other game would get away with made with todays standards.

“I must admit Resident Evil 5 is pretty hard. And I’m also sure some of you took your sweet ass time to go on the Internet and b*tch about it. ”

I haven’t seen one person “b*tching” about how hard the game is. I’ve only seen people saying that zombies can take a truck load of bullets before they die and that it’s rediculus that you have to use your knife as much as you do because otherwise you run out of ammo mostly because of your super thick A.I buddy.

” The only people who will complain with the control system are those who are not truly Resident Evil fans. ”

Dear god get off your high horse dude. “Truly Resident Evil fans”? A true fan would not stand by and watch the franchise you grown up to love get slaughtered like this. wake up and smell the roses! They have turned the RE franchise from a survival/horror game in to a shooter game with over shoulder view like gears of war and controls that doesn’t match that view point or todays shooters.

“Fans of the original series would know that the it wouldn’t let you run and shoot.”

How was the camera angle in those games? Fixed right? Yeah thats where these controls fit very well.

“, and it also adds to the games realism”

This game hasen’t much realism to begin with, Crates of gold and ammo coming out of the corpses of virus/alien infested humans? Ammo and grenades in almost every house your in? It plays more like an arcade shooter than anything else m8. RE 1-3 was the real deal this is pure garbage compared to those.

“If you had a gun what would you do, would you run and shoot or stand and shoot. People stand still, crouch prone or shoot.”

I would WALK backwards and shoot. Thats how you keep the distance between you and an target coming at you in real life. And it’s very effective too. And If he tried to hit me I would try and DODGE his attack. What of those two can I do in this game? Running and guning would destroy this game yes but walking and shooting would not.

“Even though the game is hard and some people might not like the control system but something tells me that all the people that are hating Resident Evil 5 never played Resident Evil 4 or were never fans of it in the first place.”

I finished RE 4 and I think I saved up enough gold to get the hand cannon. And I wish I could like RE 5 more but capcom did a “Dynasty warriors sequal, but in reality same sh*t” on me with RE 5 and Im not gonna stand by and take it.

rockleex3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Capcom incorporated the WiiMote into RE4, but can't even incorporate a second analogue stick(that's been in existence for AGES) into RE5!!? -_-"

Even RE4's controls were messed up compared to KillSwitch, both were third person shooters released on PS2.

Japanese developers complain about how western games have taken over, and its because Japanese devs don't update their controls! There's two analogue sticks for a reason.

Even the PS1 had two analogue sticks. I was amazed that Ape Escape was one of the few games that utilized both sticks until the PS2 came along.

Imagine if someone released a FPS or TPS on the PC that doesn't allow you to use the Mouse. Lol. Hell, even Doom allowed you to walk while shooting even though it didn't have mouse support and there was no strafing.

rockleex3637d ago

Bad controls = good horror game.

Wow, I might just pick up all those shovelware games now!

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jay23638d ago

The mapping of the controls is serously flawed, let us have fully customisable controls.

tommy-cronin3638d ago

sure RE4 is basically the same and that did very good. it is just a updated version of resi 4 with better graphics and the same controls so it should do just as well.

johover1123638d ago

i just finished the re5 demo and had nothing but flashbacks of re4. the controls are indeed classic but i could see why people would want run and shoot.

other than that, i have no problem with the game. i been a re fan since part 1

Rise Of The Bad Guy3638d ago

Stop having an honest opinion,ey?

Why dis3638d ago

We have heard yours in every RESI 5 room in the last week.

tommy-cronin3638d ago

why shouldn't we have a honest opinion. We are entitled to it aren't we.