UK: LittleBigPlanet passes 300k; Gears 2 surpasses 600k

Gamezine: January's ESPLA sales awards reveal that LittleBigPlanet is still selling well in the UK, with Gears of War 2 finally reaching the massive 600k milestone.

We've been able to follow the sales of LittleBigPlanet in the UK by watching the ESPLA sales awards, which reports on video game life time sales milestones reached in the UK.

LittleBigPlanet has now been awarded the Platinum Award, meaning it has sold at least 300 thousand: it's next award, if it reaches it in the country, will only be achieved when the title sells 600 thousand in the UK alone.

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Cajun Chicken3543d ago

Keep on using those lil' legs, Sackboy!

techie3543d ago

Can you believe people said it failed at retail. Stupid...LBP must be at 2 million now.

If you look at it's number 4 (with KZ2 at number 1) - so what does that say? Either existing PS3 owners getting the gist, or new buyers getting their first PS3 games :D Good choices I'd say!

techie3543d ago

Resistance 2 at 200k in UK alone? Not bad.

Chaos Striker3543d ago

"ftw" stands for "for the win." Alternatively, "ftl" stands for "for the loss"

**oops...this was suppose to be on ur other comment

techie3543d ago

Ah O.K. thanks...I might...never use that :P

krouse933543d ago

you are not on gamespot 360=FTL on N4g

PS3= FTW on N4G.

krouse933543d ago

you are not on gamespot 360= FTL on N4g

PS3= FTW on N4G.

360 man3543d ago

why did you post it twice ?

techie3543d ago

What does FTW mean? Fun Times, weeeeeee!?

Killzowned3543d ago

I wonder how those people felt when they popped Gears 2 into their Xbox 360 and realized the match-making system is completely broken, and then come to the epiphany that they're gonna return it because it doesn't make a very good single-player game.

techie3543d ago

>_< if there were that many returns then there wouldn't be as many people buying new games. 600k new copies have been sold in the UK.

marichuu3542d ago

What? Gears 2 was a lot of fun in single player, and a great challenge (sometimes unfair) on insane difficulty. The Co-op was almost perfect as well.
However the multiplayer was very poor... if you compare it to Epic's Unreal Tournament for example. I have no idea how they managed to screw the multiplayer up that bad, but single player was really great in my opinion.

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techie3542d ago

Huh? Now I'm confused ftw

...I do it wrong?

techie3542d ago

Why isn't this on the front page!?