IGN AU: Chrono Trigger Review

At first glance it's a little strange – Square Enix completely remade two of their Final Fantasies for the DS, rendering virtually unrecognisable from their source material, so why didn't they do the same for Chrono Trigger DS and pump it full of polygons and new-fangled renders? Well, the answer is quite simple – you don't mess with a classic. Chrono Trigger DS is a faithful port of the wonderful original, with subtle improvements to the script and a little extra gameplay. If the very, very minor sound issues, or the moderately-retro graphics don't bother you, then is a must-own, especially if you've never played it before.

Presentation - 9.5
Graphics - 8.0
Sound - 9.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 9.0
Overall -

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