EA PR Confirms Mass Effect 2 PC/360

EA PR not confirming Mass Effect 2 for PS3, only 360 and PC. That's all folks. Back to a more manageable tweetstream.

Ngai Croal

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Foxgod3633d ago

Hehehehehe lol
Bubbled up.

Sez 3633d ago

:) i see what you did there. and i like it. bubbles for you

Algullaf3633d ago

I think its on pc too u tool! So i'll get the superior v. playing it at it max while you suffer on a low and alot of frame rate problems (enjoy)

Foxgod3633d ago

i got an i7 with 6 gbram and a geforce 280xt.
and yet il play it on the 360, lot more fun on my 42 inch plasma, then my 22 inch flat panel.

InfectedDK3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Its still going to the PS3. Ofcourse it is.
They just have their own reasons not announcing that yet.
You can only guess what their strategies are but still people, think a little deeper.

Its high likely we will see a timed Mass Effect 2 exclusivity for X360/PC and then later a version with extra content for the PS3. Now at this moment that would be stupid for them to announce. Furthermore I think we will see a Mass Effect 1 port for the PS3 also. This way EA would earn the most money plus more people can enjoy the game.

LeonSKennedy4Life3633d ago

You can't hook your computer to your plasma?

What kind of gamer are you, dude?

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Johnny Rotten3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Am I missing something? I mean here's buddies bio and all I can see is that he has a video game blog for newsweek.

GWAVE3633d ago

I don't see how EA is denying it for PS3, either. It says that it's multiplatform.

Now let's set aside our fanboyism. Let's set aside our preferences. Let's set aside our favorite console and ask this very simple question:

- If Konami said that MGS4 was going multiplatform, would we think for even a SECOND that it wasn't coming to 360?

Why then are people trying to skirt the issue and make excuses for the "multiplatform" label? It's perfectly logical and reasonable to assume that "multiplatform" means a PS3 version also.

3633d ago
Sayai jin3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

@GWAVE- Only time will tell if it is going multi-platform. I own all 3 systems so I have insured that I get the best from all worlds. So I did not worry if MGS4 was going to the 360, I did not worry if Bioshock was going multi, etc because I knew I would have the opportunity to experience the best.

Your question " If Konami said that MGS4 was going multiplatform, would we think for even a SECOND that it wasn't coming to 360? "-
Well if a lot of Sony's games were released on the PC as well then it would be a toss up whether they meant the 360 or PC.

On topic, no one should never say never on anything in this industry (unless they are the company involved in that decision). If MS2 stays as an exclusive to the 360 then great for MS. If is goes to the PS3 as well then hats off Sony.

It's okay to have a preference of gaming consoles, game genres, etc. We can all go around and say that a certain game is superb while other say it suck just for sakes, but each console has produced top notch games that are good to look at and play.

GUNS N SWORDS3633d ago

didn't they say something about this a while back?

cmrbe3633d ago

be a time exclusive. This is EA we are talking about.

morganfell3633d ago

The game isn't coming until next year:


"An EA rep just confirmed to me that Riccitiello was indeed talking about EA’s Fiscal Year 2010, which would date “Mass Effect 2″ as coming during the January-March 2010 timeframe."

GVON3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

At least there's a projected release date now Q1 2010 for ME 2 and bad company 2


beaten by 1 minute,sodding duel shock 3,weres my keyboard

JasonPC360PS3Wii3633d ago

PC Windows = Microsoft
Xbox = Microsoft

^^^there is no other way^^^

But by all means, don't let me stop you from thinking you will stick it to Microsoft by buying the PC version XD

3633d ago
thats_just_prime3633d ago

If EA already confirmed ME2 for the 360 and PC why wouldnt they confirm it for the ps3 too if they were making it for the ps3? Why did they say that rumors of ME goin to the ps3 were wrong ? AS for the multi plat quote well lets see 350 makes 1 the PC makes 2 yup that multi plat alright.

morganfell3633d ago

Show me a direct quote, not something from Ngai, where EA said 360 and PC confirmed. If you look at what was actually said:

then you will see that Ngai and Gamespy were completely wrong in their interpretation. If you are familiar with Croal's views you would understand why he did what he did.

Why dis3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

I was wrong I thought the Bioware studio would do the PR and not EA.

Can't win them all.

LOL #1.12 posted that mess of what some would say is news as proof of something after that same news gets debunked.

Death3633d ago

It's your opinion that an import is a better car. Just about every domestic car manufacturer is using import technology. Chrysler alone uses Mercedes, Mitsubishi and Hyundai tech just to name a few. GM's used Toyota for a long time and have moved on to other Japanese partners. Ford does the same thing with Mazda. You drive an import because you want to drive one, not because it is better.


morganfell3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

"When asked about specific platforms for Mass Effect 2, an Electronic Arts representative told Shacknews that no details were available at this time."

Hear that? It's the sound of Mass Effect exclusivity slipping away.

Tempist3633d ago

Come on people, use your sense, by next week or end of this week it'll be back to being an 'Exclusive' for the 360, AKA 360 first, PC later.

A vast majority of '360 Exclusives' make their way onto the PC at some point. That's the facts and that's all there is too it.

Why dis3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

No one has ever said the only platform this game will be on would be the 360 lol.

Read the text again and all the past statements/announcements.

The only time this game is talked about as exclusive is from the console market point of view.

The devs have said this game will be exclusive to MSFT's platforms from the start and why not the first one was.

Most of the gaming communities speak from the console market perspective.

If PSP was powerful enough Sony would double release titles on both their platforms this generation and most would still say PS3 exclusive because most speak from a console perspective. 360 fanboys wouldn't say I'm getting it for PSP to downplay PS3 lol.

morganfell3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

"Despite the first Mass Effect being billed as an Xbox 360 exclusive, famed developer BioWare tells Joystiq that it has "never confirmed any plans of Mass Effect exclusivity for the trilogy."


And you should use your sense. There is no way EA in their current money hurt is going to bypass the PS3 that will be on it's way to 30 million consoles at the time ME2 ships.

Danja3633d ago

well ME2 will eventually be on the worries here.

SCThor3632d ago

a High-End PC and a PS3...I never miss a good game.


ah..... so now multiplat means coming to ps3 as well...

ok, how many times have 360 exclusives been labeled as multiplatform because it is also on PC. PS3 fans always use this as a way of arguing that 360 exclusives are not really " exclusive ". So could the same not apply in this case ?

maybe by multiplatorm they mean its going to be on both 360 and PC because according to ps3 fans that is "multiplatform"... or have the rules changed again.

it is sad, i mean i don't see any reason why it should not end up on the ps3 as well... its a good game, one that everyone should get the chance to play. the way i see it, it may end up a timed exclusive. we will have to wait and see. pardon the little rant above, but i do get tired of the constant hot and cold flipping that some people do when it suites them.

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Marie3633d ago

One thing we do know for sure is that the game will be released on Xbox 360 and PC, although it's not yet known if it'll be a simultaneous release or if it will be staggered like the release of the first game.

morganfell3633d ago

That isn't what was said. Gamespy, notorious for the MS leanings this gen is inaccurate.

What John Riccitiello said was, "BioWare will release Mass Effect 2 on multiple platforms"

dragunrising3633d ago

I actually agreed with your above comment! GASP. This one...not so much. If you think Gamespy is biased than it appears there is little help for you...I diagnose you with paranoid schizophrenia. JK. Hear me out: Gamespy/IGN network is responsible for for the online infrastructure for many games, notably Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3.

morganfell3633d ago

I know, I have access to the U3 dev kit. But that isn't the same division of Gamespy at all. Not even close. Think of it how Sony and MS compete in consoles then Sony runs Vaio ads that advertise Windows Vista. Well the two Gamespy divisions are even further apart.

Why dis3633d ago

I'v been posting links showing that Bioware will release the PC version some time after the 360 version for weeks.

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Spike473633d ago

If Mass Effect 2 comes out on the PS3 it will save me the trouble of geting it on my PC.

Sayai jin3633d ago

Yeah, I do remember Bioshock. One difference to note is that there was game code written for the PS3 leaked when the game was first announced. So that one was just a timed exclusive.

Lifendz3633d ago

but c'mon, they denied it, we had no way to confirm it, and until the more "official" gaming sites confirmed it, none of us had more than a hunch. The same hunch 360 owners seem to have about MGS4.

Jazz41083633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Also Bioshock was not published by microsoft game studios, and if the ps3 would have been around in the capacity is now it would have released multiplat. MassEffect im afraid will stay with MS no matter how much money they throw at Bioware.

N4PS3G3633d ago

Mr.Croal has talk ...Nothing to see here..move on