New iMac to offer both Dual & Quad-Core?

Fudzilla writes, "Latest whispers say this is the case.

According to one of our sources which seems to confirm another report that we have seen, the next round of iMacs that are to be released will be offered with both Dual-Core and Quad-Core processors. As strange as it might sound, Apple wants to cover all of their bases.

Our dweller in the land of the fruit trees says that Apple has elected to select the Dual-Core chips for the low-end and mid-range iMac offers, while the Quad-Core will be reserved for only the high-end offerings in the revamped iMac."

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uckitsayitchbay3637d ago

Mac FTL i dont like them.. my cousin has a brand new mac pro.. freezes all the time .. totally locls up.. there is no ctrl alt del with a mac.. and the mighty mouse.. gimme a break