Mirror's Edge, Dead Space Break 1 Million

During a conference call today, EA CFO Eric Brown noted that both EA Redwood Shores' Dead Space and DICE's Mirror's Edge sold over one million copies each in 2008.

The figure includes for all versions of the games released last year. The action-horror shooter Dead Space was available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, while the first-person parkour game Mirror's Edge hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2008.

A PC version of Mirror's Edge followed the console editions in mid-January.

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PirateThom3548d ago

Not really great, is it?

More people need to try out Dead Space.

GWAVE3548d ago

1 million for a new IP is good, especially if it's from a niche genre.

I loved Dead Space. It was one of my favorite games of '08. I look forward to other games in the series (already confirmed by EA).

Pennywise3548d ago

1 mil for a single player game with minimum replay value is good imo. But considering it is multiplatform, its actually not too good.

I wont spend $60 on a single player game unless it is special(uncharted). I usually go rent them. Replay value is a must for my money.

Blademask3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

if its on the PS3 its considered a massive failure. Even if it hits 2 million+.. not sure. I dont get the rules myself sometimes.

Karum3548d ago

I was about to make the same comment, the internet can be so dumb.

coolfool3547d ago

I won't/rarely pay full price for a game with a massive multiplayer. I don't like paying for something I won't use. This is mainly because my internet connection is rubbish (hate how multiplay = online play) and because I simply prefer games for the single player.

So if a game has a massive multiplayer and a good single player I will wait until it drops to a price I can justify paying for just a single player experience.


agree. i have been pushing Dead Space up all my friends A££'s and down their throats. it was my personal best game of 2008. i am glad it did good... the game put Horror back on the map !

its one of the few single player games i have finished more then twice !

can't wait for the next one... won't be buying RES5, i will just save the money for this.

Was the regenerator F$£king Pain in the £"£ or what !

The second time i came faced him in the room with all the other necro's, i had to pause the game and big myself up for 5 min before i could play it again. Dam that thing was nasty !

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Helghast Slayer3548d ago

That's great news for both games. Although i'm hoping for a Dead Space 2 in the near future. The game was an absolute scare fest lol

cmrbe3548d ago

these two new IP's deserves their sales and more.

gdogg9793548d ago

Dead space was probably my favourite game of last deserves every sale it gets..can't wait for the sequel.only played the demo of mirrors edge,but any new ip selling half decent is a good thing.congrats to both games,especially dead space!!

jtucker783547d ago

I agree. Awesome awesome game. My favourite game of 08.

R.I.P. Resident Evil. Dead Space has completely blown you out of the water and is the King of Survival Horror.

Maybe I'm not being fair to Resident Evil as isn't Survival Horror any more.

I don't see Dead Space getting topped by any other survival horror any time soon. Maybe it won't until Dead Space 2.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3548d ago

Dead Space is one of the most underrated and overlooked games ever made. If people just rented it and tried it I'm sure most would convert and buy it.

jtucker783547d ago

I'm guessing you are getting the disagrees because you have 360 in your name?

Anyway, your comment is right on the money. My favourite game last year.


i agree.... i don't think i have enjoyed anything that much for a long time. it was very underrated which really makes me sad.

was it just me or did anyone else think graphically it was one of the best looking games around as well. i mean the textures and lighting was really cool and the last stage at the end...... i loved it.

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