Crysis not coming to consoles... yet

Much like a soap opera, it's getting pretty confusing following the twisted saga of Crysis' fate on consoles. We just want to know whether it's coming or not. Some of us pour all our money into consoles, not massive computer updates including new graphics cards or operating systems. What do we know so far? takes a closer look.

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PureGamer4254d ago

So it will happen, thats brilliant then thanks for the update

BrotherSic4254d ago

another useless article by gamesradar.

All Gamesradar does is take information gathered by other sources and place it in one article in order to get traffic.

Nothing new in this article!

Marriot VP4254d ago

yah I agree, that's why some say stuff like "video game journalism is a joke"

I still believe crysis will come to console(s) however, because that's the only way they'll make money off of it. Think about what kind of insane sli system you would need on top of a 200 dollar vista. Barely anybody has that, it's coming to other platforms.

Rooted_Dust4254d ago

No one on this site understands PC gaming. Even if people cannot play this game at full specs it will still be bought. If it comes to consoles and has to be downgraded, are you not going to buy it because it doesn't look as good as it does on PC? It's about the game, not the few jaggies you can get rid of with 100mbs more video memory. The PC gaming community is growing not shrinking, while it is not as main stream as console gaming, it is still the best place for hardcore and competitive gamers. More people stood in line for Burning Crusade than people who stood for the PS3 launch. I'm sick of the sense of entitlement console players have towards PC games. So until someone says otherwise this game is ours, quit your b!tchin or buy a better PC.

Antan4254d ago

"No one on this site understands PC gaming".

Best retract that statement my friend.

Rooted_Dust4254d ago

Would you rather I say little to no one? For the most part it is true. This site is an endless parade of fanboys. If you are not, thats great, you're one of the few.

Antan4254d ago

One of the VERY few sadly! Pc 1st and foremost mate! Of course ive had my fair share of consoles over the past few years, but pc games are still my bread and butter if you like! On a side note did you dload the Tiberium Wars demo yet?

Rooted_Dust4254d ago

I would like to, but sadly I live in a rural area with no High-speed connections. Maybe I'll have a chance to when I visit my friend.

Marriot VP4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

Look, I know people with good computers and not great one's will still buy this. But YOU NEED WINDOWS VISTA. Which isn't selling that well because vista because of the price and because MS set the bar a little too high component wise. I understand PC gaming very well but when crysis could sell an easy 2/10 million units just by porting it to the 360's base it's clear that they probably will. Although of course it may happen with the PS3 too, I'm not showing favorites. How about the wii, hahah

Rooted_Dust4254d ago

I've got windows Vista, my GF got if for my birthday. You don't need Vista to play Crysis, just to play it with DX10. Good thing Crysis isn't coming out till summer. By then hopefully we might have the fist service pack, then Vista sales will pick up.

Marriot VP4254d ago

I stand corrected, yah I didn't read the whole article just the one sentence.

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Dingbat4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

My 1st post on these forums so hi to eveyone,
According to British mag xboxworld360 Crysis is a definate on 360 they say that it has been
confirmed to them and indeed the next issue( due out either tommorow or next Thusday has it as their cover story),
we shall see!

PS360PCROCKS4254d ago

What up dude? it just me though but isn't everyone getting a little sick of this carousel of Crysis news all the time? It's ridiculous sometimes and about PC gaming the whole point of this game IS to make it look as good as their allowing it to look. Why would you PC game if you didn't have a top of the line PC?

Rooted_Dust4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

Firstly because games play better on PC, especially FPS's. I have more control over my games, they mod easy, and are the best for online gaming. As far as Crysis is concerned I would still get it if it didn't use DX10. Graphics are only part of a game. Oh and for those looking for a port

Crysis on XBox360
Cevat Yerli:
“We hope we aren't disappointing anyone, but contrary to any rumours that may be in circulation, neither Crytek nor any third parties are currently engaged in developing Crysis for console platforms. Our company's sole focus at this time is to complete Crysis for PC as well and as quickly as possible, so we can release it in a timely fashion to all who have shown such a strong interest in playing our game, while insuring we meet the high quality of game play they have come to expect.

While we are gratified by the level of interest shown in Crysis by console owners and fans, and are of course interested in next generation consoles for potential future developments, it is the company's policy not to discuss future plans before the fact.

We hope that clarifies the issue and thanks to all for your interest.

Thank you,
Cevat Yerli
CEO, Crytek GmbH”

Dingbat4254d ago

I guess all the talk about Crysis coming to consoles is because it looks like it's going to be a great game and people are beginning to not always believe what they're told by game publishers, but that's just marketing and advertising for you.

highps34254d ago

I have no problem updating then overclocking my computer its fun to me :)

Dont know if I could play this game on a console or not.. Really depend on how big the difference is from a high end PC to the console. I imagine the gap is only going to get bigger.. Now a days you can have close to 2 gigs of just video ram :)

Say's you4254d ago

That can handle this kind of graphics comparing this to Resistance Fall of Man the PS3 can handle this only the would have to modify the game so it can play for the PS3.

Skizelli4251d ago

I'd have to see it to believe it. I think it's possible to port Crysis to both the 360 and PS3, but not without dumbing it down by a lot. Take F.E.A.R. on 360 as an example. The difference between the 360 port and the PC version is very noticeable. I personally don't believe the 360 or PS3 could do the game justice.