300k Warhammer Online subscribers as of December 31, 2008

Massively writes:

"We just learned courtesy of an eagle-eyed forum goer at VN that as of Q3 2008, Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online had over 300,000 accounts. There is an EA investor's call taking place shortly where CEO John Riticiello may elaborate on this, so we'll keep you posted. We'll also post our thoughts on this news tomorrow."

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Bnet3433548d ago


LOL they lost 200k. The WoW killer.

BRG90003548d ago

Yep, almost everyone I know who tried WAR went right back to WoW for the new expansion. Another failure to replicate the magic that brought WoW so much success I guess.

Bolts3548d ago

Its more like a WoW take on Warhammer than a true Warhammer game itself. Trying too hard to be like WoW is the reason why WAR is where it is today. Let this be a lesson for all future WoW clones. Don't even try it, be your own game.

free2game3653547d ago

It's not really a WoW clone at all. It's all about Realm Vs. Realm gameplay, that's not much like WoW at all.

TheIneffableBob3548d ago

Still a good number, though.

Avery3543d ago

Simple fact is EA cut 11% of it's work force - between 30 - 40% got layed off at Mythic. Things are pretty desperate in game too, quite a few of those were senior devs.

First they say there won't be cuts + no official forums, now look what happens. They rush out info on expansion to soften the blow of the drastic sub drop.

The problem isn't the 300,000 they have left, it is how quickly they lost 450,000 players. Do even a simple graph and put 750,000 at september, and then 300,000 on December 31st. That is just a huge downward slope and there is no reason to expect the slope has changed. Biggest and fastest drop in mmo history. It's also very very unlikely that they have 300,00 subscribers as of February 1st.

no matter how you the paint the picture in the brightest colors possible. ANYONE and I mean ANYONE will say that a loss of more then HALF you customers in a 2-3 month period is a bad sign. Yes there is some turnover after the first free month. But to lose more then half your customers is a bad sign simple as that.

Now on top of all that they cut staff numbers (doesn't matter what the reason is) when the game needs all the staff it can get. There are LOADS of bugs and issues throughout the game and even more so endgame. Will a reduction in staff keep the bug fixs coming at a steady rate like it has been? No, when you lose people things do not remain the same or even speed up 90% of the time. If a team of 400+ couldn't fix the issues how will a team of 200+ fix the issues?

There is no evidence to show that the population of Warhammer has stabilized as of Dec 31st.... so there is no reason to think there are still 300,000 people playing today.... or that there will be more people playing tomorrow that are playing today. At best, the game may level off someday, but it isn't in the near future.

It is leaking faster than any other mmorpg to date. Many are finding a return to AoC refreshing because of how much more polished it is because of the development time since launch that WAR lacks.

EA needs to attain around 500k for 18 months to break even. Do some research it has dropped poorly performing mmo's before.

It is a shame and we can hope it will keep afloat. Just there are better options out there.