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Pennywise3596d ago

Even the wiitards should be able to enjoy this game!

Gerry Mark II3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

no its Nintendrones. (play on Nintendogs)

It must follow the mechnical robot theme.

-Sony Droids

3596d ago
Pennywise3596d ago

ninendrones go with the theme, but wiitard has a good ring to it! lol

Rise Of The Bad Guy3596d ago

Don't be sad you're not getting RE5,Dead Space is a much superior game from what I've played,so you're in for a treat.

GWAVE3596d ago

I hope it doesn't turn out crappy. Dead Space is a phenomenal game on PC, 360, and PC but I'd hate for Wii owners to get a sour taste in their mouths from a shoddy port.

GVON3596d ago

I only got the Ps3 version last week,even if it's the same game level wise i'm sold just because of the controls,just play res 4 on wii,and you'll wish 360/Ps3 had wii-mote for 5 because it made it the ultimate lightgun game.

YonasJonas3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I liked Dead Space, but it doesn't even beat RE4. Dead Space doesn't have the variety to beat a RE game. Play an entire RE game, and you'll soon understand.

jtucker783596d ago

Rise of the Bad Guy is right.

Don't be sad that RE5 isn't coming to the Wii. I've played the demo an it's definitely a last gen game with HD visuals.
Last gen animations, last gen hit zones on zombies, last gen reactions.
A shame really.

Dead Space absolutely destroys Resident Evil so you are definitely getting the better game and the best Survival Horror money can buy.
My personal favourite game of 08.

Rejoice Wii owners!!

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White-Sharingan3596d ago


ill just wait for screens/videos


badz1493596d ago

you should've already seen this coming from miles away! who wouldn't want to invest in a Wii? it has the largest userbase among all the current consoles and has the lowest dev cost! I wouldn't be suprise even if EA release a DS version! look at PoP! how cute he looks on the DS!

Smacktard3596d ago

Great for Wii owners! The game never really interested me, though.

terrandragon3596d ago

Wow, hardcore games are hitting the Wii market. Good job EA, put LotR: Conquest on it too, you'll need it with the flop it was.