Lawyer Uses Mortal Kombat As Defence In Murder Trial

It seems as if Klamath Falls in Oregon is not the place to be if you want to avoid injury if two separate incidents in the same small town are anything to go by.

The first is the start of a murder trial in which an attorney is using both Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat to represent his client with a 'diminished responsibility' defence.

Patrick Morris (20) is accused of shooting Diego Aguilar (15) five times with a shotgun. Apparently Aguilar had sold Morris a duff diamond in return for some magic mushrooms… although other reports claim it was a fight over a ring.

Morris is charged with the murder of fifteen-year-old Diego Aguilar, who died after being shot five times with a twelve-gauge shotgun. Morris' lawyers claimed that violent video games, "may have blurred Morris' ability to distinguish reality and the consequences of his actions".

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nicodemus4846d ago

He couldn't "distinguish reality"? He shot the kid FIVE TIMES! How can that be the defense!!?? After the 1ST shotgun blast, anyone who wasn't a lunatic (or out of it on drugs), would have instantly realized that what they were doing was very much REAL...

12 gauge shotguns are no joke. And to shoot someone 5 times-- There is NO excuse, especially not "diminished responsibility"

Rasputin20114846d ago

Nicodemus I totally agree to the fullest like this man is a freaking LUNATIC and blaming his actions on violent video games is complete garbage!!

darkvenom4846d ago

Always quick to the blame game (pun intended).,these blood sucking leeches really need to stop using games as a scape goat.that guy new waht he was doing.if i were the judge i'd throw the book at him, and throw that lawyers a$$ out!

Rooted_Dust4846d ago

I thought people had long abandoned this defense. Has it ever worked once?

Silvia0074846d ago

He just can't up and say his client is guilty. Being the dude is truely a lunatic and the lawyer surely wouldn't want to get his murderous a$$ off on insanity, uses a defense that would... ultimately fail miserably. Still... I hate it when people blame peoples stupidity on video games.

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