Mygamer Review: Ford Racing Offroad

Mygamer writes: "Most racing games are based on the diversity of tracks, depth of gameplay, and the amount of cars that can be chosen from for any given race. Ford Racing doesn't have this problem, mainly because it only has vehicles made by Ford, also because said vehicles are only the ones recommended for Off-Road driving. Added on the top of this problem are many others that make Ford: Racing: Off-Road never really jell as an experience.

The lack of a diverse amount of cars can cripple any racing game. So when Ford's game only has a small handful of selectable cars, less in total than many racing games have to start, it makes this (at best) middle of the road racing game fall flat. Instead of finding interesting ways around the lack of cars currently produced for Off-Road action, like going back through the vaults and using the company's impressive backlog, or pulling out zany future concept cars, Ford simply puts forward what it currently has."

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