5.0 Review: Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage writes: " Apparently the first of at least three, the episodic content party for Fallout 3 kicks-off with Operation Anchorage - an extra quest line for the post-apocalyptic game crafted by Bethesda. As the game is based around a main storyline with a few side-quests, it offers some additional activities that your character can take part in.

Once installed, your character can tune into a new radio transmission which can be tracked down to find a stronghold for the Brotherhood Outcasts. They are trying to get into a storage centre where some decent technology is rumoured to be hidden, but the security system will only let someone in who has a PipBoy and has completed a computer simulation - namely, a program that was designed to train soldiers for the liberation of Anchorage (not the state capital of Alaska but the largest city - yes, I looked it up) from the Chinese. If you accept, your character is strapped into the simulator and is warped back in time to help liberate Anchorage from the Red menace."

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Pennywise3548d ago

lol! Bethesda really choked on this one, eh?

lokiroo4203548d ago

how much did ms pay for this steaming pile? what a bunch of asses!