Left 4 Dead Sells 1.8 Million at Retail

Valve's cooperative zombie-shooter Left 4 Dead sold 1.8 million copies at retailers worldwide in 2008, distributor Electronic Arts revealed in a conference call today.

The figure accounts for retail sales of the PC and Xbox 360 versions, but does not include those copies sold via Valve's digital distribution platform Steam.

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uie4rhig3570d ago

it's VERY bad for a new IP.. it has to sell 10million to say 'not bad for a new IP' and if it sells less then 10 millions is BIG MASSIVE FLOP game :)


caladbolg7773570d ago

Yea. If LBP is a flop at over 2mil worldwide, then Left4Dead is DEFINITELY a flop.

MasFlowKiller3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

so only ps3 tittle with a lower install base have to sell more?

caladbolg7773570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

*The figure accounts for retail sales of the PC and Xbox 360 versions*

Not only did L4D sell worse than LittleBigPlanet, but the 1.8mil number is INFLATED by PC sales (not including Steam). I wonder what percentage of the 1.8 million are PC retail sales. 25-30%ish? That'd put the number somewhere closer to 1.3million in XBOX360 sales.


IaMs123570d ago

Now you must take in consideration that does not include steam, and i wouldnt doubt if that doubled

Marquis_de_Sade3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Comparing LBP and L4D sales is idiotic. LBP is bundled with PS3s and is currently priced around £20 in several UK stores, L4D is still at £40, annoyingly -_-.

caladbolg7773570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Agreed. Comparing the sales of two drastically different games, for differing platforms, and under completely different circumstances is petty. However, debating what quantifies a "flop" is another matter.

LittleBigPlanet with slightly better sales than L4D (well, we really don't know to what degree LBP is kicking L4D's ass since we don't have the 360 sales numbers: only PC/360 combo sales) is considered by many publications to be a "flop", whereas L4D is considered a success.

That shouldn't sit right with anyone, and I find it appalling that you "idiots" don't see that.

Back to playing Left4Dead I go!

Half-Mafia3570d ago


i got my copy of L4D PC for £20, first day.

Marquis_de_Sade3570d ago

My bad, I meant the 360 version.

Marquis_de_Sade3570d ago

LBP is continuing to sell well though, it's an excellent game with broad appeal. To call LBP a sales flop is plain silly.

BattleAxe3570d ago

If they were to port it over to the PS3 I'm sure that within 4 months they would sell another 500,000 copies.

hippo243570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

If you were at all familiar with the tactics of valve the XBOX( which would account for the majority of retail sales) Was not there target audience.

Pc is and always had and the fact that the majority of the sales for PC are going through Steam (not included) Its not to shabby.

No L4D would not sell well on the PS3 valve already took the risk of making an Xbox version and its teetering on the very edge of success or failure. L4D is an online game and the xbox has a considerable larger "online" install base for those games, but for the PC the online community is almost universally Online
The Ps3 has considerably less then the Pc and the Xbox so Im not imagining that the game would sell well, because Co-Op is its major sell point.

However Its most likely coming to the PS3 anyway so well see it when it gets there.

BattleAxe3570d ago

I don't totally agree or dissagree with you, but one point I will dissagree with you on is PS3 install base for online play. Sony anounced last month that there were 17 million PSN accounts. On top of that, if you play CoD: WaW, it shows how many people are playing the game online at that moment that you are playing. I've seen CoD: WaW have just over 97,000 people online playing at once durring peak hours. L4D would do just fine.

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swiftshot933570d ago

a lot of games coming out+my 360 is shared=not a lot of time for 360 games for me.

caladbolg7773570d ago

Buy it for PC. You won't regret the purchase.
I can't say the same for the 360 version.

hippo243570d ago

Ive played both and until some mods come out for the PC they are basically the same.

It will change soon though.

GWAVE3570d ago

Awesome. It just goes to show that a new IP with fresh ideas can be successful.

Graphics Whore3570d ago

That's kinda sad, only 1.8M copies? Xbox Loyalists need to get this game pronto.

swiftshot933570d ago

granted the 360 fanbase is a large one, this game still did very good. Valve FTW (and yes im pissed too that they hate the ps3, but their games are too awesome)

Sez 3570d ago

guess the same should be said about LBP and R2 right. LOL

lokiroo4203570d ago

what a bunch of two faced box boys!

Graphics Whore3570d ago

LBP is an amazing game and so far it only has 2 million sales which sucks, people need to buy that game. Resistance 2 is more of a niche game so do with what you will, but seeing how Xbox Loyalists always brag about how they buy games and then we see only 1.8 million sold for an amazing game, kinda makes you think of the hypocrites you're dealing with.

I have this game on PC, amazing to say the least.

InMyOpinion3570d ago

"Resistance 2 is more of a niche game".

If Resistance 2 is a niche game then so is Halo and Gears of War.

Firstkn1ghT3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

LBP is at 1.4 million. This is from the mouths of Media Molecule. And I guess you got your numbers from VGchartz on that article a week ago. Noob.

"Resistance 2 is more of a niche game" LMAO!!!!!!!!

Anyway IMPRESSIVE numbers from a game that had to battle it out with Fable 2 and Gears 2. One thing is for sure that games on the 360 sell like hotcakes!

terrandragon3570d ago

"Loyalists"? Are you implying we are of the British sort? I guess we can call the PS3 guys Communists.

heyheyhey3570d ago

you people fail at sensing sarcasm... either that or Graphics Whore really is a major dumbass

TheIneffableBob3570d ago

Add the Steam sales and it'll probably be like 2.8 million.

Graphics Whore3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Xbox Fanboys tout about low sales numbers frequently.

1.8 Million is not selling well compared to your other franchises, what's wrong? Why don't you just buy the game?


Sez 3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

What you fail to realize is it sold 1.8 million without having to be bundled with a system. And it's still doing better than LBP and R2. so it's not 360owners that need to buy this game. More like ps3 owners need to buy games for their system. Before they start talking about people buying games on the 360. Just food for thought.


so 360 owners was claiming the ps3 was dead when L4D comes out.or better yet 360 owners claim L4D was a system seller? answer no. they didn't. and for a ne IP it did much better than LBP (which is all so a NEW IP) and a franchise games like R2. sound to me like your making excuses. and i would gladly eat crow. when LBP sells better than L4D. cause only vg chartz has it a 2 million sold. when sony said it's a 1.3 million. and to add insult to injury L4D is still selling better and still in the top 10 games sold last month. i can't say the same for those two games.

Graphics Whore3570d ago

Vega don't make up excuses, it sold 1.8 million period, by Xbox Fanboy standards that isn't good enough.

You preach it, so I expect you to eat it, crow that is.

360 man3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

you make yourself look so stupid at times

"Resistance 2 is more of a niche game"

lol wat an idiot

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Shaka2K63570d ago

But then again nobody cares about left 4 dead only desperate Xbugs with no games to play will like this Flop.

MGOelite3570d ago

cmon even i admit that L4D is good game, your the fanboy