The Golden Compass Screens/artwork

Sega just released the first screens/artwork of the new movie-game The Golden Compass, based on the book trilogy with the same name.

Players will play as Lyra, a young girl and she will always be with her daemon (some kind of talking pet) Pantalaimon. She'll travel trough frozen landscapes to collect rare items, scout the land, evade enemy's, fight enemy's and save a friend who has been captured by a mysterious organization called 'The lurers'. Lyra can use her Daemon and cooperate with other characters in the game. The travel will be an epic one and she won't only save her world, but also ours.

You can also play as Iorek Byrnison, and armored polarbear. He'll protect Lyra during the journey with special attacks to defeat his enemy's. Players can also unlock new secrets and mini-games with the Golden Compass.

To check out the new screens and the artwork, click on the link below.

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