Tech2: HTC Touch HD Review

Tech2 writes: "HTC's Touch HD has taken mobile display to the next level. For the vidiots like me a display this large sporting the kind of resolution it does is a godsend. I have to admit I was anxiously awaiting its arrival to the Indian market place and was proactively trying to get a handset to test even before it got here. Though that didn't work out and disappointment was an understatement, I got it! The big question I was asking when I un-boxed it was - does it manage to deliver on all fronts and actually make the high price tag of Rs. 43, 000 seem like money worth spending? That's what I'm here to help you decide."

+3.5mm earphone socket, mini USB slot
+FM radio and TouchFLO audio player is good
+TouchFLO on the large display is helpful

-Video playback is bad
-Camera is sluggish
-Accelerometer doesn't rotate all screens
-No GPS software provided
-Gets very hot after charging and on long calls
-No memory card provided

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