Is Ready 2 Rumble the next Punch-Out?

Gamer.Blorge writes: "Many games have tried to replicate the success of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! on Nintendo, but have failed to capture the essence of the classic game. Ready 2 Rumble was considered to be a game that came very close to the classic. With the latest version of Ready 2 Rumble on the horizon, the big question was - if the game could breath new life into the old genre?"

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imaballa3570d ago

I remember playing this on my SD back in the day!
Im stoked for this game!! Move over Punch-Out.

dirkdady3570d ago

I thought punch out sucked to be honest. I didn't like the view.
I think R2R may be a better boxing game.

Product3570d ago

well seeing as how Punchout is more of a puzzle game then boxing game no wonder you thought it sucked.

Voiceofreason3570d ago

Puzzle game? Punch Out? Nah more like strategy fighting game or an RTS. I get what you're saying because every fighter had to be figured out before they could be beaten but I think thts more strategy than puzzler

Product3569d ago

A puzzle is just a challenge that challenges applied ideas.That being you need to figure out how to beat the puzzle(or boxers in this case)
You would need a strategy to accomplish really we are both right.

qface643570d ago

ready to rumble is gonna be the next facebreaker aka FLOP