RealGamer: DLC: A Disturbing trend

RealGamer writes: "I've never been the biggest fan of downloadable content, having often thought "why wasn't this included in the game in the first place?"

It's often seemed to me like another way for the games companies to relieve us gamers of our hard earned cash, even though we've already had to shell out fairly substantial amounts to buy the game in the fist place!"

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GWAVE3571d ago

I am against two main types of DLC. I hate exclusive DLC for multiplatform titles, and I hate DLC that simply unlocks something already on the disk.

Exclusive multiplatform DLC doesn't encourage anyone to jump ship and buy the other console. If you do that, you're an idiot. I'm sorry, but it's true. This kind of DLC only slaps fans in the face if they don't own that platform. PS3 owners who bought Fallout -- for example -- are basically being told by Bethesda "yeah, you supported us with your hard-earned money and played our game, but you own a PS3, so F*** YOU!" It's all dirty business and gamers don't benefit from it. It's a snide little "Hah hah! You're out of the club!" to the gamers who are left out and it doesn't benefit the gaming industry at all. Exclusive GAMES make sense because it makes your console more attractive. Exclusive DLC for a multiplatform game makes no sense.

DLC on the disk is just as dirty. Soul Calibur 4. 'Nuff said.

rroded3571d ago

not to mention that its a rip off when they make a game to profit on dlc I mean 5 bucks for another skin or 10 bucks for a level that prob shoulda been included for the $$$ they charge for a new game...
Not to say all dlc is bad but you have to pretty savy imo if its not gonna add several hours of fun its a rip.

Cajun Chicken3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

"These are things that should of been in the game all along, instead our publisher rushed it out before our true vision existed. Would you mind paying for that?"

DLC has some good points, but some bad. Mostly bad. DLC should be half a year or over seperated, not a few months and not really exclusive. Saying that, I really like DLC for LBP, its a bit like collecting new toys in my virtual world.