Teaser of Battlefield: Bad Company

EA and Dice just revealed the first teaser of Battlefield: Bad Company. It's funny, and the graphic engine seems solid.

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PureGamer4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

get in cant wait, lol the comedy is like army of two's

yocdub4302d ago

Yeah this trailer was revealed like 4 months ago. Still, it would be cool if they kept that type of comedy in the Game play some how.

DC RID3R4302d ago


character models are tight, particle effects are cool and the overall visuals are very good.

here's a few screens (in-engine).

Torch4302d ago

Does that mimic actual gameplay? If so, thems gotsa ta be the purdiest animations I've seen...especially those facial expressions. Great lighting too.

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The story is too old to be commented.