Big Download: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Single Player Impressions

Big Download writes:

"For people who have already bought and enjoyed Escape from Butcher Bay, the question becomes, "Is this just a remake or is there enough new content in it to make me want to buy this game again?" While we have played an incomplete beta version for this preview, on the surface Assault on Dark Athena would seem to have plenty of new things to do to satisfy people who already have the original game. In addition to the revamped graphics for the Escape to Butcher Bay campaign, Assault on Dark Athena's new single player mission looks to be about as long as the original game (about 10-12 hours for each campaign). You also don't have to play through the original to get to the new stuff; the start menu lets you pick from one or the other right from the beginning."

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