Game Focus: Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Review

Game Focus writes: "Chances are you've played Mahjong Solitaire. Also known as Shanghai Solitaire or more simply as Mahjong, Creat Studios brings the classic Solitaire game to the Playstation Network. While Mahjong Tales will cost you ten dollars, similar version's come packaged with some computers or can be found on the internet for free. So what makes Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom different from past iteration's? Nothing."


+ Multiplayer and Motion add a unique twist
+ Local and Networked Multiplayer with Private and Public Games
+ No lag or difficulty finding players in Multiplayer
+ Lots of Options available for Classic play
+ Infinite Number of Puzzles available


- Control Mechanics falls victim to analog control
- Game would seem to be designed for Wii or PC/Mac
- Story seems fragmented
- Four game modes but all basically the same game repackaged
- Tiles and writing are hard to read, some impossible
- Sleepy Soundtrack for the faster action Multiplayer seems mismatched

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