Official boxart Spider-man 3 (PS3 version)

This summer, the new Spider-man movie will appear in the cinema's. But you can also fight your own fight with Spidey in Spider-Man 3: The game for Xbox 360 and PS3. Activision released the official boxart of Spider-Man 3, which will feature both the classic spidey, as well the spider-man in his dark costume.

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Torch4252d ago

Given that Spidey's the OTHER of my two long-time favorite superheroes (guess who the other one is) I'm really looking forward to playing this at the next-gen level.

Karebear4252d ago

I'm guessing its Wonderdog! :) Cmon, from the Superfriends? When will Wonderdog get his own game anyway?

I'm going to have to wait for the reviews on Spiderman III the game. I didn't like the last two.

Torch4252d ago

Superboy's white dog, Krypto?

Ah, good times...good times!

Marty83704252d ago

T0rchy -Is it Batman or Superman.

Torch4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

Yup, uh-huh!

The Man of Steel it is...although I never could get into Batman...except in Worlds Finest comics, when he was paired up with Superman of course...and in those old cheesy reruns from the sixties that I'd catch during lunchtime, featuring Adam West and those iconic action words splashed across the screen: "Pow!", "Bang!", "Smash!"

The chicks had really nice skinsuits though.

THWIP4252d ago

It's the same pic they're using in the theater promo posters.......I want one. :(

kamakazi4252d ago

wow that looks nice, havent been to the theaters in a while so this is the first for me, very nice.