The Little Problems of Each Console

We always talk about the big problems of each console (the PS3's price, the Wii's graphics, and the Xbox 360's affinity for the color red) but we often skip over the smaller issues. If more people brought these problems to light, maybe Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo would correct them.

Xbox 360's power brick
PS3's charging cord
Wii's lack of DVD support

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Sangria3596d ago

“I Pushed Up, Damnit!”
ROFL so much true.

Chris3993596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Blackberry wall plug-in, computer usb cable, etc..

You are not REQUIRED to charge the controllers using the PS3.

I play a controller till it's flashing, pop it in the other room attached to my PC, then switch to a second controller. No real fuss.

Cajun Chicken3596d ago


They forgot the 'airport' DVD drive, fan noise and heat capable of making you pass with the 360.
Everything else is spot on, especially the "This isn't an Amiga, WTF?!?" power block (that wasn't even on the XBOX) and the fact nobody tells you in order to gain access to XBLA and the cool DL'able games you have to pay up more for a WLAN pepherial, convert your well earned money into confusing point scheme that makes you think you're richer than you are, then finally the cheek to pay to play online, no MS, NO, got my cash outta me. Nice illusion making the 360 seem cheap back then.
Add the lack predictive text feature like when on PS3. Especially when messaging (gave up now).

Building up a 360 is a little like Lego (Or 'Mega Bloks', lol).

Yes, the 360's D-Pad is demonic and ruins many a XBLA game.

I have no problem with ports on my 360 due to only having a WLAN adapter, a USB controller and a Play and Charge kit. Don't see any point in getting a camera because its pretty much useless unless I want to reinact that god awful scene of 'You're in the Movies' at last years E3.


The PS3's controller charging cord is also a PSP transfer cable and vica versa (nifty!) and is also used for PS2 memory card readers and it stops you being ripped off for something that should of been in the box in the first place (see Play and Charge Kit). Dig out a USB extender for PC then you have plenty more room whilst it charges.

I have no problem with the two switches on the PS3, turns on easier when I lean in bed and press the PS button on my controller, to reserve power just switch the back off, PS2 had the same, complain about that too.

Agree with downloading games and having to install them on PS3, but hey, there's the kettle and a cup of tea to make during installs and to drink whilst marvelling Wipeout HD.

Early'ish adopter so I have all the cool PS3 ports.


No Wii. Not until price and overall quality of games is improved and/or Starfox and Kirby.

jBat173596d ago

it's a usb cord!!!.. for your camera, bluetooth, mp3 player, psp, controller etc. and for this, you can even buy a longer one

2 power buttons? your pc has the same thing.

i'm surpirsed the article did not make fun of the fact that the crapbox uses AA batteries. it's pathetic that you can't even charge while playing.