Dance Dance Revolution Universe Review

Possibly the best step-on-arrows game ever.

Stepping on arrows has come a long way through the years. While stepping-on-arrows purists may scoff at the idea of futuristic, high-definition, wide-screen stepping-on-arrows action, fans of traditional stepping-on-arrows gameplay will be pleased to know that Dance Dance Revolution Universe holds true to its roots. Even though there are new songs, new modes and new features, in DDR Universe, the answer is yes: you still step on arrows.

It's a strange mystery why stepping on arrows is so fun and addictive, but even IGN editors duel-wielding left feet can, um, step right into DDR Universe, perhaps the most accessible game in the franchise yet. That's because DDR Universe, the first foray on the Xbox 360 of this hot-stepping franchise, is focusing on gamers new to stepping on arrows with the addition of several beginner modes. So for those of you that were intimidated by the challenge of stepping on arrows, fret not. Stepping on arrows has never been so easy.

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I was about to post the story and just wanted to chk if its not posted so thre it was posted 1min back.

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sorry bro... those first two paragraphs had to be posted... f'ing hilarious

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if not for having it listed on my games played. Can't deal with that kind of humiliation.

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She played it on the XBOX & she lost a lot of weight on this game. I played it & I sucked, I don't know if the BEER had anything to do with it. But it is a good exercise tool for my wife & son, and it is fun with two ( on LIVE & same console )people . So I have to get it