Why Microsoft Should Release Internet Explorer for Linux

Market share for Internet Explorer continues to plummet, with potentially dire consequences for Microsoft. But there's one way Microsoft can help stem its overall losses: Release a version of IE for Linux. It's not as far-fetched an idea as you might think.

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BulletToothtony3569d ago

just as i have never seen a mac user use IE..

Firefox it's simply a better web browser.. incredible and awesome add-ons and runs faster..

Who cares if IE dies.. they were king because of no competition. Now something better came out.. more secure, more performance, and better add-ons.. sorry IE your time is coming to an end

thebudgetgamer3569d ago

people that use linux do not use ie


Darkseider3569d ago

So people that run linux can laugh at them some more? Thing is you can run IE in linux now using ies4linux and well... who cares? Firefox + Java + Flash = LOVE. IE is dying and rightfully so as it is nowhere near as stable, fast or secure as Firefox. Nevermind all the extensions that are available to Firefox that further improve it.

GWAVE3569d ago

IE is dying for a reason. It sucks. It's unreliable. Why would we lament the death of a broken and unreliable product (then again, Microsoft has a habit of attracting fans who do that exact thing...)? If anything, we should be glad that a mediocre product is being phased out by a superior product. It's THAT simple.

YoMeViet3569d ago

IE...<Russian accent> I spit on your features and vomit on your developers!!!

Vladamir! Pass me the Mozilla! And don't go cheap on the ad block plus!

TheFreak3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Explorer is crap. Opera is the thing! 2.3% of the users on the internet use it wohooooooooooo. :)

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OmarJA3569d ago

LMAO! peoples are actually use this crappy explorer ?

Firefox FTW!

Godmars2903569d ago

is apart of Windows, I can only imagine the nightmare that would result if MS made it available to an open sourced OS. How many viruses would come out in the first month alone.

Kight3569d ago

Is this a joke?

Seriously this is the age old "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

Also, wtf would this even accomplish?

thezuur3568d ago

put a full version of IE on linux so that i can log into my bank's website, since the bank wont respect firefox. thus making sure that the bank's site ignores firefox in the future.

right..... no.

Konqueror FTW. (and firefox, i love the extensions.)