Rumor: iPhone 3.0 Might Let Apps Run in the Background for Real Multitasking

Something significant has obviously delayed the original September launch of push notifications, Apple's solution to not allowing apps to run in the background. MacRumors hears that Apple is considering allowing real background processes instead.

Android and especially the Pre have made background apps and the true multitasking they allow look a lot sexier, and the iPhone's one-app-at-a-time paradigm more restrictive, even with the innovative compromise of push notifications.

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Blaze9293547d ago

FINALLY! THANK YOU! If this is true I will be so happy. Non iPhone users have NO idea how annoying this is to not have the apps run in the background

N4PS3G3546d ago

Is this a software update? meaning it will work on current iphones?

If it is...then Great news!

Lord Anubis3546d ago

what they are talking about is firmware update 3.o. That would mean it would work with current iPhones.

"MacRumors says that if what they're hearing is true, and Apple allows apps to run in the background, it would happen with the iPhone 3.0 software. On the current iPhones, it would likely be restricted to one or two processes at a time, but with the beefier hardware of the next-gen iPhone, it'd be less restricted."

DailyAddict3546d ago

That's pretty sad that iPhone users biggest complaints are always the simplest features that every other smartphone allows. Multitasking isn't new to the Pre or Android. Every other smartphone on the planet has been doing it since the dawn of time.