What RE5 Could Learn from Dead Space

Resident Evil 5 is the newest iteration in the critically-acclaimed franchise, and is almost due for its release in March. However, the recently released demo has brought forth a slew of new questions in the face of the fairly recently released Dead Space. What if the newcomer could actually teach the grizzled veteran a thing or two? With the recent rumor of RE5 adopting a more traditional action-oriented control scheme squashed, how will the general gaming community react, and is Capcom making a mistake? Safety's Off looks into the idea of what Resident Evil 5 could stand to learn from the first true third-person survival horror game on next-gen consoles, Dead Space.

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kapedkrusader3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

...When Dead Space came out, it could've been better because of so and so. Now RE5 could've learned so and so from Dead Space?! It's like no game is ever good enough. From now on, I'm boycotting all gaming media.

KenAdamsNSA3542d ago

It's because no game is perfect. When you have so many great ideas in so many different games (that are similar in genre), it's hard not to wonder what would happen if games took the best elements from each other and worked their way into the fabrics of the gameplay. It's not that the individual games are broken or not great in their own right, it just begs the question of what COULD happen if all the good parts filtered out the bad parts.

Slinger4203542d ago

If they could learn anything, it's the controls. Dead Space's control scheme PWNS RE5.

SAiOSiN3542d ago

lol from the videos i've seen RE5 could learn from a lot of games.

YonasJonas3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

RE5 Demo>>>>>Dead Space