Sony rethinks media strategy

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is reviewing its partnership with its media planning and buying agencies across Europe – including OMD in the UK.

OMD and its rivals are being invited to pitch for accounts.
Estimates put SCEE's annual media spend at over £8 million for 2008.

The review is being assisted by media consultancy firm Billets. A decision will be made in May.

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laaakokaracha3546d ago

In the past the agencies did a horrible job!

I wonder why sony doesnt have a inhouse agency that works with external media planners. The costs would be only slightly more but in return they would gain much more control over the complicated process in which lots of things can go wrong.

RememberThe3573546d ago

But somethings got me confused. I thought Sony's advertising was internal. Am I wrong or just confused?

LeonSKennedy4Life3546d ago

Isn't that like a light chicken gravy?

xlg3546d ago

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TheColbertinator3546d ago

Well so far I can only transfer my dollar which is worth nothing now to English pound.When the Amero hits I will use English pound to save my finances.

On topic:Sony had great ads in the PS2 era.WTF happened?

RememberThe3573546d ago

For one this is spam.

Two, We can't do sh*t about it. The Illuminati have gone too deep.

Three, I will never be a slave. You seem to underestimate your fellow man... That is the true tragedy.

It's like 2pac said, "We may fight amongst our selfs, but we'll burn this b*tch down get us pissed"...

Lombax3546d ago

No, just kidding F those bastards.

David Icke For The Fu*king Win!

Most people have no idea whats really going on. Good thing more and more people are using the internet to get their info.

Remember kids,

Corporate Media Lies

You want the truth? Find it yourself! Learn, learn till your head fu*king explodes! Hear everyone and listen to yourself.

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Lombax3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I got a lil "preachy" there at the end didn't I?


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tuneraider3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

getting a return on your investment? Agreed with 357, SCEA needs to go with someone new. Sony was nowhere on the mass media radar for 2008 (at least in North America) - except maybe for a few weeks after BD "won" the HD format war. That being said, the UK has apparently overtaken Japan as the second largest video game market - so I'm sure Sony can certainly claim some credit for that.