$150 Blu-Ray player available in 2009

Following an intensive price war to promote sales of Blu-ray Disc (BD) players amid international brands in the US and European markets prior to Christmas 2008, white-box vendors are likely to offer BD player models for sale at US$150 in 2009, according to the Chinese-language newspaper Economic Daily News (EDN).

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BulletToothtony3542d ago

i've already seen bluray roms for like $88.. i hope people take the jump and enjoy movies the way they're suppose to be watched

darthv723542d ago

I have seen players going from $180-200 at places like costco and sam's club. Samsung BDP1500 and I think another one from Sharp.

LoydX-mas3542d ago

I bought into HD-DVD(only after I found a player for $79 firesale). Now it looks like less than one year later I can finally get a Blu-ray player.

Too bad this will only make the PS3 look less attractive price wise.