Killzone 2 special on RTL Nieuws (Dutch) writes: " Dutch program Edition NL was just on RTL 4 last and we came a striking and fun to notice. She announced in that RTL has been visiting in Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam and so immediately in an RTL news report about it. In this report they have obviously a lot about Killzone 2."

The program begins 7:30 PM (Dutch time)


The broadcasting of the Killzone 2 special on RTL has ended. If you missed it? Here you can find some footage of the special.

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The Hunter3542d ago

Program begins about ten minutes from now

BMS843542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

1.5 million viewers daily for a country with 16 million people.

Fishy Fingers3542d ago

So this is a TV show? No internet streaming?

BMS843542d ago

It was a sort of making of they talked about the big budget and how detailed the game is and the sound effects , they dropped real bullets on diffirent surfaces and it looked (sounded) really good , Guerilla also said "We just wanted to make something that is not possible on the other consoles available" and showed a test level..they also told that it will help to sell the PS3:) Cheap advertisement , but very good;)