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Gamespot: You may have heard about a little game called Killzone 2. It is possibly the most anticipated game on the PlayStation 3, and I've been fortunate enough to have finished the single player campaign and played several hours of multiplayer. Today, February 2nd, is the review embargo date; in other words, Sony will allow American online reviews of Killzone 2 to be posted as early as today. European reviews and exclusive reviews had already popped up, as you may have noticed, although the game isn't released until February 27th--more than three weeks from now.

However, we've decided not to rush a review to publication for several reasons.

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jammy_703597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

u bunch of to**ers lol

they know we all want to know what they think :)

im gonna guess 9.5

its gotta be a good score if theres news on them not doing the review yet...

EDIT.. actually thats good, goota play ALL of what it has to offer before review so i agree with them :)

BulletToothtony3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

they know how to please their 360 audience.. they're giving it an 8.9 they always do this with important ps3 games..

@ morganfell

I'm with you.. a lot of people here haven't been following sites as long as we have.

They might give it a 9 but just look at how pissed that guy was when they were talking about how great the game was. Not all in gamespot are fanboys but the majority still are..

Giriath3597d ago

They gave MGS 4 a 10...and their GOTY award. It's great that they're actually spending time to play what they're reviewing. Reviewing something you haven't actually played is damn stupid. Would a professional writer review a book when he's read half of it? Of course not, but then this is gaming journalism.

Kleptic3597d ago

while i've posted on that article's wall as "installshield" king Andre for some justification of his character model comparison to obvlivion...

i'll see if he comes up with anything...i've been digging for a while now...and dare I say it...i'm having trouble finding ANY game with superior character models...let alone fecking obvlivion...what a douche...

morganfell3597d ago

This one won't get a 9 on Gamespot though. Just watch. Controversy = hits and if there is something GS needs right now it is web hits.

XxZxX3597d ago

Let me tell you guys the real reason for the hold up.

From Gamespot:
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ---------
We haven't receive payments from Microsoft for lowering the Killzone 2 score. We sent them the ultimatum, demanding payments in 2 weeks time or we are going to rate it fairly and which going to be higher than HALO 3. We still haven't receive words from Microsoft yet. Thank you all for your patience.

Ju3597d ago

Guys, why so negative? They seemed to be pretty excited. Well, except the one guy who tried to nit pick (but finally he couldn't hide his "grin of excitement"). But he didn't talk much the whole time. Well, sure, its Gamespot, they deserve a bit of flak:)

But I think its just fair that they take the time to review it. I think it makes sense to wait for MP, especially, until the servers are packed and give some impressions then. The score is irrelevant. To many reviews already out with high scores. Gamespot is late to the party, so their number doesn't really matter any more.

If they can come up with a fair real-world MP impression, its all good, IMO. Except, if the verdict will be that the server will die on the first day (or weeks) because millions want to play first day :) Wouldn't surprise me, if that's gonna happen. Its a bit expected anyway, but if it runs better then Gears, what gives...

freeblue3597d ago

they will use it to Milk the crap of it. Milk Milk Milk.. just like the LBP demo codes.

Man_of_the_year3597d ago

Games with Great character models - Mass Effect - MGS4 - R&C - Gears - LBP (although they are just sacks they still look great especially with all the customization) and these are just quickly off the top of my head.+

Lifendz3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

they've made changes, and they're slowly becomming an unbiased site (hopefully), but I still can't forget some scores they've given PS3 games for no reason.

Oh yeah, Andre is possibly the most offensive person I've ever seen on one of these gaming shows. It's like that Family Guy skit where Peter tells Christina Aguilera that she's offending all the senses.

morganfell3596d ago

I have Mass Effect on the PC and on the 360 and it is one ugly 3rd grade finger painting of some of the worst low res textures ever. They wouldn't know normal mapping if it popped out of the toilet and bit them in the ass.

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SAiOSiN3597d ago

im expecting a 9.5 from these guys. a 9.25 from gameinformer anda B+/A+ from 1up.

fafoon3597d ago

My Whole Decision on weather to buy this Game or not
rest with the Gamespot Review



You Sir are either very naive OR you are the master of sarcasm - good show.

DA_SHREDDER3597d ago

That Andre guy said the textures in the game are @ss and that the game is just above average graphically. I say the dude is a total douche and looks like a freaking Homo. Kevin Talked way too much, and I can tell the chemistry over at gamespot has gone down hill since jeff and the crew left. Such a shame.

Ghoul3597d ago

you gotta ignore that dudes "OPINION" if he thinks the textures are ass and the graphics are above average, i can only reply by saying that hes 1 in a million with tat opinion and therefore unimportant.

There are allways people trying to smacktalk about something popular or great just to make them selfs heard, or to feel better because he thinks hes above GG by saying that the game looks average.

Ignore that douche. Hes just a small gaming media dude who most obviously has no other way to make his person "important" then by smacktalking about something great.

poeo3597d ago


i agree he was annoying as f*ck, like a whiny little kid... but homophobic remarks like yours are even worse.

Ghoul3597d ago


yeah didnt see it in the first place sorry mate you gota loose a bubble for this, i hate such remarks.


I expect full marks.

They seem really pleased with it.


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