Rumor: New Socom DLC coming Soon

From article: An inside source (and very credible one) has filled us in with some great news for SOCOM: Confrontation players. There's suppose to be new downloadable content coming out for Confrontation which includes five new maps, three of which are new to Confrontation and two that are totally new to the SOCOM series. And that's not all.

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Pennywise3544d ago

What would be better is these guys giving it to use free or on the cheap side. All the crap they put the fans through... I think we deserve something in return.

Hallucinate3544d ago

ya but putting so much in there is there way of using the exuse "well there so much in there we cant possibly give it away for free" and honestly if it under $10 i will try to get back into socom in hope that it holds me over till killzone

morganfell3544d ago

Yeah there was crap but SOCOM is now the best tact shooter out there with more fun in MP than anything currently available on any platform.

HighDefinition3544d ago

Won`t be playing it anymore once Killzone 2 gets in my system.

But it definitly was better than alot of people made it out to be, once they fixed most of the problems.

StephanieBBB3544d ago

If thier fans has put up with all of the bugs and lag untill now they should atleast get this DLC as a thank you imo.

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mrdxpr23544d ago

wow now thats a DLC damn i bet thats gona cost $20 alot of maps now woot

NobleRed3544d ago

Should be free for this crapgame.

0verdrive3544d ago

socom is really a fun game, i dont know why everyone is hating on it; but then again, i picked it up late, after they patched the problems. but really, socom makes me nostalgic for the shooters of yore, not these high octane, adrenaline packed shooters we have nowadays. it may not be the BEST shooter by any stretch of the imagination, but it definitely has provided me with a lot of fun, something that games nowadays are skimping on.

btw, the dlc will not be free, otherwise it would considered a patch, not dlc. rightfully so, in my honest opinion.

Alcohog3544d ago

Sweet. I was hoping some new maps would come. Can't wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.