Game Focus: Magic Ball Review

Magic Ball is a fun game where its nostalgia and simplicity draw you in rather quickly. While the 3D facelift is nice and the stages are extremely cute, the lack of level variety and short gameplay may have you forgetting about it in the long run. Some additional level designs and power-ups would go a long way in improving its replay value so hopefully that will be addressed in future DLC. Still, for only $10, you get a nice little distraction. It's short in length for now but with the possibility of DLC in the near future, the game is not a bad investment.

+ Simple yet fun gameplay
+ Bright and bold graphics
+ Nice selection of power-ups
+ 3D graphics add a modern spin to a classic concept
+ Realistic ball physics
+ Solid sound effects

- Short and repetitive gameplay
- Not enough variety between levels
- Repetitive music tracks
- Only two themes
- Can loose track of the ball behind objects
- Online play features frustrating lag

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