Next time you're playing 'Call of Duty 3' online, you just might be up against Robin Williams

Robin Williams is such a hard-core gamer, he named his daughter Zelda. He is accustomed to playing "Call of Duty" games online anonymously and hearing kids curse him, not knowing who he is.

"When you play it multiplayer, it is insane, given that it is a 12-year-old doing the sniping, and capping your ass, and slowly but surely ascending the ranks," Williams said. "Or, you're up against a 10-year-old who's a five-star general going, 'Shut up, [expletive]. I own you!"

"It's basically cyber crank," Williams said. "You are hooked in a way that is very similar to the same rush as a meth addict, except you get to keep your teeth."

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