PlayTM: Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Review

Finally, Fallout's strength has always been found in the moral decisions and branching pathways. There is simply none of that to be had in this episode - it is simply combat. While it can be fun, and possibly challenging with a lower-level character, it's not what Fallout is about. There is no real plot, either - it is background information to the Fallout universe, and that's all.

Overall, this episode was a little disappointing for me personally, and possibly not worth 800 points, either. The upcoming episodes appear to be more plot-based, so let's hope that they can improve on this one.

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MegaMohsi3636d ago

Another mediocre review for this exclusive DLC all saying the same thing: Not worth the price tag and shallow. MS better make sure the money they spent on this is worth it for the next 2 packs.