OTT Gamer: Spiderman: Web of Shadows Review

OTT Gamer:

"And finally the audio. The sound effects and music are well done. Both the music and sound effects mimic the movies likeness. But once you get to the terrible voice acting you'll forget all about the positive notes. Spider mans voice would have to be the worst of them all. There is absolutely no excuse for this lame voice acting. It completely ruins the Spider man experience and to make things worse the lines they read off are so damn cheesy! Voice acting and a good script are key features to making a good game. And yet the developer decided to omit these very important details. Anyways, the campaign is rather lengthy. It will take you about 15-20 hours to complete, maybe less. It all depends on whether or not you choose to participate in side missions. But those can get repetitive. Web of Shadows has it's moments and its a step up from Friend or Foe. But the technical issues weigh in heavy on this one. Lets all hope the next Spider man game is better."

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