Killzone 2 Set for Impressive launch in the UK

PlayStation Gamer Uk Writes: "Being able to find great gaming bargins here in the UK as retailers try and get people to spend money again, every so often I look online to see what gems i can find with a small budget. However over the last few days i have noticed that Killzone 2 seems to be topping all the sales charts."

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BMS843597d ago

worldwide , i have it pre-orderd the game a month ago,

You all will be Killzowned!

resistance1003597d ago

I suspect it will be more along the lines of 600K first week worldwide.

However word of mouth and people just seeing its stunning visuals will ensure that it keeps on selling and after 2months may have sales near the 3million mark

shingo3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )



jammy_703597d ago

thats what iv heard plus #1 this WILL sell way over 1 million in its 1st week
it will seel over 5million in its 1st 6 months whatya think? :P

resistance1003597d ago


No it hasn't, i will be very very surprised if worldwide pre-orders topped 500K let alone 1million

dustgavin3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Noooo. I heard preorders are well over a million at the moment and climbing.

whoelse3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Its #1 at Amazon and video games with just under a month still to go and with a demo also coming this week and a £2 million marketing campaign from mid-Feb. I predict around 1.5-2 mil first week.

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tocrazed4you3597d ago

Pre order yet buy it on day one or day twooo or pre orderrr come on people lets make this game sell as much as MGS4

xg-ei8ht3597d ago

First Week Sales 2million.

Omega43597d ago

Its quite shocking that Killzone 2 has already been discounted by over 30% before its even released im sure it would sell decently at its regular price

And come to think about it LBP has been £18 like forever, why dont they just officially say its a PS3 platinum game

resistance1003597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

You are aware that all games are coming down in price. You can Pre-Order Street Fighter IV for £26 and Resi 5 for £32

The reasons for it are simply, UK retailers are scared of going the way of woolworths and zavvi and are doing all they can to make sure they don't and try to get people in the Uk buying things again.

Also its competition, at present people are looking for the cheapest price and not minding who it is from, so in order to stay competitive they have to keep prices in line with other retailers

Also i don't know where you got the 30% from, while yes its true games RRP at £44.99-49.99, they have never been sold at that price in the UK, most launch at a price between £35-39.99

Omega43597d ago

I really dont think retailers like Amazon and Play are that afraid of ending up like woolies especially amazon

But im not complaining i just dont see why does it only happen to major PS3 games why not 360 and Wii games too, shouldnt these offers effect everyone

resistance1003597d ago


It does happen to 360 games as well

FEAR 2 (360)- £27.99

Street Fighter IV (360) - £27.99

Shellshock 2 (360) - £29.99

And yes Play and Amazon probally won't worry about that, However they will be worried about a dip in sales which has lead to them lowering prices.

Still its only since about December when this Price crash on games has happened, before all games launched at £39.99

heyheyhey3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Omega spreads BS and gets killzowned... again... why do you make stuff up if you know they're not true?

prices are going down everywhere in the UK due to the recession... this inlcudes all systems

eagle213597d ago

I am shocked 360 is so bargain bin dirt cheap and still not top of amazon uk where PS3 and Wii lives. :)

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resistance1003597d ago

Hopefully, still as long as there is enough people online to fill a server then i'm happy

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