GameZebo Review: Big$hot

The real estate business is probably a puzzling, incomprehensible section of the economy to the average citizen, and the events of the last two years surely did not add to its popularity. Big$hot, a new strategy game by Rusty Axe Games, tries to bring out the real estate broker in all of us by urging the player to juggle various companies while trying to understand the current state of the economy.

Big$hot is a straightforward tycoon game, so there is not much of a story. In the beginning you name your alter ego and choose a photo to represent yourself. Then you can set basic preferences, such as the difficulty level, from easy to pro, and the length of your game. Big$hot is turn-based, and one month equals one turn. Players can choose whether they prefer a very quick game round of about 12 months, or a more complex round consisting of 96 turns.

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