OTT Gamer: Crysis Warhead Review

OTT Gamer:

"Lastly, Crysis Warhead comes with multiplayer called Crysis Wars, which is really fun. Powerstrugle returns (plays like Battlefield, capturing base's etc for points) with all the awesomeness of building tanks etc for your team and upgrading your guns with the points you get from kills and capturing bases. New to Wars is a team and normal Deathmacth modes. All in all a nice package. Did I mention it has 21 maps?

So in closing, I thoroughly recommend this game to anyone able to run it. If you have a PC then this is the shooter for it this year."

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jay23597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Some one give me these peoples time machines please. What’s the obsession with these bloody months old reviews on here.