Killzone 2 Mega Review: Everything You Wanted To Know(

*Contains Spoilers* writes-"The Closing Line- If Halo 3, Gears 2, Call of Duty 4 and Killzone 2 were released on the same day, we would pick this game up leaving all other shooters to whine and cry about. This game may not put up a revolutionary stance apart from the visuals, but it does everything else pretty remarkably to give its consumers an enthralling and engaging experience. Love or hate the PS3, no-one can ignore the beauty this game brings, it is a necessary title for this generation and worth buying/owning a PS3 for it."

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Sasanova3548d ago


Alexious3548d ago

Yet they only give it a 9/10. Yeah...And the multiplayer's barely covered in a short sentence, when it's the best and more fledged-out part of the game.

Nice3548d ago

sentence figuratively... with the amount of Positive reviews this games getting I bet this might be one of Sony's biggest franchises...

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Fishy Fingers3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

"So he's trying to say KZ2 is better than Halo, Gears and COD? LOL!!! He must be dreaming. "

Nah... He's PLAYED the games and given his opinion, you havent, so Id say the reveiwer is in a better position to comment than yourself. Also..

"Check out Operation Flashpoint 2" What should I check out, the pre-rendered trailer? Why dont you point us to some gameplay footage? Good luck finding any... I'm excited at the prospect of it also but we know nothing about it.

Mr_Bun3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

That guy is such a coward, that he had to make another account just to spew FUD

...if Beware actually believed what he wrote, he would have used his real account

Maddens Raiders3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

start questioning their own judgements and beliefs outloud on the interwebz. Some would say another one bites the dust.....I just say


Pennywise3548d ago

Beware keeps talking about OFP:2 like it isnt codemasters making the game.

Beware, do you have any idea how dumb that comment is? I am assuming you dont because you keep saying it.

soljah3548d ago

oh no now they really done it. wow a dagger right to the heart of every xbot owner in the world. what were they thinking.
i have to a admit. the hitler rant video on kill zone 2 rings true.

Sitdown3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Owned?....lets see........if I had to choose between an 07 model of my car, 08 model of my car, and an 09 model of my car....chances are, 9 times out of 10 I would go with the latest model. In your frantic pace to giggle and type "owned", I think you overlooked the common sense in their post. Given that KZ 2 is being released a year and 5 months after Halo 3, 3 months after Gears 2 (no even a fps), and a year and 3 months after COD4....I would hope that the most recent fps with one of the greatest budgets and development times would make people consider purchasing it over the others. I could understand if they were all being released on the same day, but come on....even I would take Madden 09 over Madden 07. I mean after all, wouldn't you hope/expect KZ 3 to better years later?

@Mr. Bun
No by my logic the ps3 would have better games....because again, Sony had longer to get their hardware they could capitalize on new tech that was on the market...while the 360 hardware was finalized. So the ps3 would have the advantage out the block. So yeah, I think I just gave you a chair....and you can reference my name if you are not sure what you should do with it. Cause clearly I said nothing about the 360 being easy to develop for...and of course there is always the variable of how hard the develop is working...I mean, isn't that what you guys complain about with regards to multiplatform titles? Ohh, and my advice was not to sitdown, my screen name is, you were so close to being clever.

Wow...did you come up with that all by yourself? You hear my tears...geeez, I does one respond to such a witty statement? Ouch that hurts...maybe I should cancel my pre-order of Killzone 2 and rip up my demo card. So cut throat you are....I bet you are an assassin in your spare time...I mean, Killzone is a simulator for you right?

Mr_Bun3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

By your logic...The 360 would have better graphics than anything on the PS3 seeing as it has been out a year longer and it is easier to develop for...time for you to take your own advice and sitdown.

Edit: @ Above

Unfortunately I am bound by rational thought and common sense so I can't even imagine how your comment even remotely makes sense. Maybe you are implying that if Sony had waited another year, developers would magically have had the dev kits (which wouldn't exist yet) to develop on...Until I am able to relinquish "logic" and join you, have yourself a nice time in fantasy world.

I find it amusing that an individual with so many bubbles, has to resort to "edits"

How 'bout you take your seat now

Pennywise3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Sitdown, I hear your tears hitting the ground from here.

@sitdown - Being you cant comprehend, maybe you should read my sentence again. Cry more. You and Beware Oblivion are probably the same person. All you two do is troll KZ news and Sony news. You spam this site with your nonsense. Let me guess, you like OFP:2 also... its the bestest, right?

joydestroy3548d ago

i guarantee i'll play this game more than i did any CoD game or GeOW1/2.
&i'm not a halo fan at all.

vasilisk3548d ago

I just finished the game today. The game is simply AMAZING, never saw anything like this on any console, it's so far ahead anything else out there that the other developers should be ashamed of releasing the crap that they do.
I cannot but LOVE the fact that you feel like you're handling a real person, a real soldier and not some gun hovering in the air. The videos of that game don't do any justice for it. You got to see it in motion. And yes I have a PC capable of running Crysis in 1920x1080 in the highest settings, it's part of my job to have one. And I can tell you that it comes very close, but overall Killzone is a much better experience, a much better game. And it still made my eyes bleed, exactly like when I saw Crysis in motion for the first time. Now I know why Sony didn't want Killzone to be released around the same date as Resistance 2. Comparing the two, I'm sorry to say it, but Resistance 2 feels you're playing Crash Bandicoot if you you know what I mean. GeOW2 also feels like a PS2 game compared to Killzone. I think I'm never going to be able to play another FPS without comparing it to Killzone 2, it destroys everything out there. The AI is ASTOUNDING, I've never seen anything like it, you'll know when you play it.

For those out there the will challenge the validity of my claims, I will only say that I'm not from the US and not from the UK. I'm European and I will not give you my jobs PSN ID for reasons that all of you understand, but I will give you my home PSN ID which is: vasiliskara. I started playing it again and I finished Corinth River and I'm halfway through the second level. You can all see my trophies and see that I'm not lying.

PS3 owners, you DON'T want to miss this one, believe me...

Sitdown3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

So if I am to interpret your response correctly, you said...I don't have a good response for I rather just blow you off. Again, stop trying to put words in my mouth..nobody said anything about waiting another year. Is it not true that they develop games, and each time they got updated development kits they increased the quality of their projects? And if we are to believe from Sony in the beginning, shouldn't their kits had been right along side the 360s? Ohh, and you did not make edits did you?

I am more than open to your explanation of how I troll the it because I don't blindly agree with everything..and poise questions. If that is your definition, then I am fine with being a troll. Now, just because you might have various accounts...don't think that I think n4g and gaming is that serious where I would have to create another account. Really, it is not that serious....and I find it hilarious that you think it is.

RussDeBuss3548d ago

@ 1.4

£350 for a ps3? they are £290, and at xmas you could get it with fifa, lbp and resistance 2 for under £300.

Sitdown3548d ago

What controller configuration did you settle the cover as innovative as it sounded....and what are some other innovations or perks that stood out to you? Up until this point, what was one of your favorite fps, and what about KZ 2 makes it surpass it. Thanks in advance.

Pennywise3548d ago

@ sitdown - Everything you say is negative in one way or another. You know people are excited about KZ2, but yet you still feel the need to piss on the parade. With the combination of both of these, I think you fall safely under the troll definition.

Sitdown3548d ago

I can easily link you too post that express the contrary. First off, just because I am willing to challenge popular opinion or question it...does not make me a troll. I am sorry...but I did not know this site was just for agreeing with posters...and not being able to have a discussion on varying views or disagreement in thoughts. Secondly, I don't benefit by urinating on anybody's parade...but again, there is nothing wrong with challenging notions. Perhaps its because I have an analytical mind.....but I believe I appropriately dissected the first line of the article. No where do you see me bashing games or Sony, but simply questioning the interpretation of articles. So if people can express their interpretation, why am I considered a troll if I do it....just because its not blinded by hype or not covered in candy. I mean I think the statement you made about tears was off.....cause clearly I have attentions of getting the game, and have even expressed disappointment that there is not a collector's edition being made available for the US.

vasilisk3547d ago

I find it meaningless to compare games from different generations of gaming. My favorite FPS concerning THIS generation was COD4 until yesterday. The controls I used were the default ones and the only problem I had was for about half an hour and only for pressing R3 to use the scope (zoom). But that lasted only for half an hour, I got used to it very quickly. The cover system is great, it's the best implementation in a FPS ever and considering that the game is more tactical than run and gun, it greatly enhances the experience and it makes it the whole thing more realistic. It surpasses COD4 in realism, graphics, physics and believe it or not, the worst thing from the first Killzone is the best thing about the sequel. And I'm talking about the AI. It's unbelievable in normal mode and it's jaw dropping on hard and elite (if I remember correctly the hardest mode is elite, I'm not in front of my PS3 now). Overall while I had a great time with COD4, it was just a great time. With Killzone my jaw dropped to the floor constantly and I had a one of this rare experiences that you usually have with a very few games. I'll tell you this, all FPS's after this will look lackluster and it will be the game that everything from now on will be compared to, until there is a better game. Compared to COD4 I would rate it 1.5-2 points more on a scale to 10, compared to Resistance 2 I would give it 2.5-3 points more. And as I already told you, now I understand why they released Resistance 2 before, it would be unfair and Resistance would have scored around 7.5-8 if it was released after Killzone 2.
Hopes that answers some of your questions...

BkaY3547d ago

now thts one hell of a line..


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100003548d ago

thats a really big review...oh well day one buy for me since I saw it play at E3 2007

822119863548d ago

Well I did reviews for those games on other websites, here what I gave them

Halo 3-8/10
Gears 2-7/10
COD modern Warfare-9/10

Alexious3548d ago

Hey man, I would give 7 to Halo 3 and 8 to Gears of War 2, but whatever. Killzone 2 not only has better graphics but also has a far better multiplayer mode, that's the point, with dedicated server, clan&tournament system, things the other games sorely lack.
You didn't even go in-depth on the multiplayer, will you do that at a later point and if yes, could this update score?

Sarcasm3548d ago

WOW, exactly what I would have scored them.

8/10 for Halo 3 is perfect. Because
- It didn't reinvent the wheel
- Below average graphics
- No innovation
- Same old tired Halo gameplay
- Lame story, lame last boss fight
- No innovation, it didn't reinvent the wheel
- It didn't reinvent the wheel

(I hope some of you got the pun)


Traveler3548d ago

Ha, ha...yes, very good.

BMS843548d ago

they don't talk a lot abou the multiplayer...
should be a 10/10

Ju3548d ago

I think it does not require just 10s. Pure tens are overrated and the need for it today is a compensation for what happened early in this generation with overrated games getting a 10 which certainly did not deserve it. There is no perfect game out there, IMO. That's a shame that we demand a 10 now, and the reviewers are at fault if they simply ignore the need to come up with a objective measure system. I think the KZ2 rates are all very excellent, with the majority (is it 95%?) over 9, and some weird ratings below (which actually nobody understands).

Anyway, the reviewer posted his results for some other games above. This should put this one into perspective.

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