Negative Gamer: Regenerating Health: The Right Way and The Wrong Way

NG writes: "In game health in a First Person Shooter is the indicator that tells you when you are just about to get your clocks cleaned all over the wall behind you. It's got us out of some sticky situations and has advised us that maybe not charging in a room screaming like Rambo, is a good way to tackle Nazi's/Aliens/Thugs.

However in recent years pretty much every First Person Shooter you are likely to play will feature a regenerating health system where if you get shot in the chest 5 times, instead of just dying like a normal human being, you rest, breath heavily, listen to your heart beat and the colour will drain from your eyes for a bit. Then magically you regain confidence in yourself, and the game seems to suggest that your character has just used some eye drops and painkillers to take the edge off that bullet lodged in his liver."

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