Bit-tech: Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box Review

The action in Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box is as good as it's ever been and the addition of the new offline mode, plus all the downloadable content, really makes the game a tempting offer – but if you're looking for a game that gives the straight-away excitement of the previous Burnout games then this might not be the Burnout for you; the city-crawling just slows everything down, leaving you stranded at the finish-line with no easy retry option.

That said, if you're more into exploring the city and taking on occasional missions when and where you want them in a kind of GTA-style of play then this is definitely a title that'll appeal to you thanks to the open and interesting city. The offline multiplayer, promises of regular new content (for a price, obviously and regrettably) and integrated online aspect of the game only serve to enhance this.

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